New videos about the Italo-Greek Church and Eastern Catholicism

Italo-Greek Church History with Fr. Francis Vivona
Italo-Greek Customs and Traditions with Fr. Francis Vivona
Immigration and Integration in Eastern Catholicism with Fr. Francis Vivona
Italo-Greek Devotion to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Monasticism, and Vocations
What You Should Know About Eastern Catholicism with Fr. Francis Vivona

With many thanks to the hospitality of Our Lady of Wisdom parish and to Fr. Francis for sharing his wisdom and experience, five new videos are now available at Your Word From The Wise.

Thanks for sharing,

Interesting info regarding the Carmelites and the East

I know one of the seminarians Fr. Francis mentioned in these videos, because he’s currently my parish priest.

I want to visit Our Lady of Wisdom sometime.

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