New vocation book on cloistered nun


Sounds like an interesting book, would like to pick it up one day, maybe it will drop in price when it comes out.

I smiled at the pictures of the laughing and praying nuns, but paused at 1/2 hour or recreation a day. I feel we all need an hour, whether we get it or not, an hour to “play”, walk, sing, enjoy God’s many gifts and creations. We all feel stress and I see with many orders with younger women, they seem to make sure they get exercise of the mind and body.
Such a beautiful testament to a vocation most don’t think exists anymore.


The NYT newspaper has an article about them today too.


Greetings debraran, :slight_smile:

I think that the picture captions may lead to confusion about time spent in recreation. The pictures point to separate half hours and do not make an explicit connection to there being two separate excercise periods each day.

The text in the second link notes that there are two such periods.

I share your delight in the testament; there is such a need in our society for stillness and contemplation. It is good to see information on places where those who have a calling to prayer and contemplation might dedicate themselves and their gifts.

May the holy Spirit guide all who are discerning vocations and my all who visit our thread be blessed.



Thanks for pointing that out, I was skimming too quickly.

I’m glad that some of the convents are going “online” because so many more people can read and know about it, not just for vocations, but to help if they can.
I work at a large office and so many have no clue that there are orders for priests and sisters that are flourishing amiss the secular lifestyle of many. When I showed them a Dominican order near us and the Sisters for Life, which is a state over, both having young women, they were shocked and one said, “Well, I guess they have something they are looking for”.
I hope we all find what we need in life, no matter what path that takes us on.


I saved it to my Amazon wish list. It looks awesome. They even featured it on the internet the other day (again).


I ordered it as a “reward” for a lot of overtime lately at work. (new computer)
I should get it Wednesday and will let you know what I think. I know I will enjoy it though. I wish there were more like this.


Kind of reminds me of Into Great Silence, only in book form.

The nuns have a lovely website. :slight_smile:


I received my book (although slightly damaged/2 pages loose) It is a beautiful collection of photos with very little commentary in the beginning and at the end, smaller versions of the photos, with titles such as “Training Fred” the convent dog. ; )

I wish there were some conversation with the Sister she followed but I realize that her photography is what the author is known for and they do speak volumes.

I will share this after a while but it’s something you go back too and see things for the first time in your mind and on paper.


Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:


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