New Website for Vulgate-Douay-Knox


It appears that Baronius Press has developed a webpage that includes online editions of the Clementine Vulgate, Douay-Rheims, and Knox bibles. They can be setup side-by-side or independently. Notes are included as well as an ability to search particular words.


Great resource, thanks. Just added it to my favorites. :thumbsup:



Clickety-click :smiley:


Better format than New Advent site.

Now Baronius, we need an app…


Good work so far, Baronius!

To the OP: are you sure this is not the Nova Vulgata?


Thank you for posting. A valuable website.


Baronius stated that it is the Clementina Vulgata


I need to buy a Latin Vulgate eventually. I want something beautiful, something with art and calligraphy etc. Latin intrigues me tremendously.


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