New website, I need your help

Hi I’m a former protestant youth pastor searching the truths of the Catholic Church. I will be soon joining an RCIA class at my local parish. While I understand that the vocations are for the celibate, or if you’re married clergy who comes into the church, I still feel a very strong call on my life to do ministry.

After much thought and prayer I decided to start an apostale called, The Berean Life, which will hopefully serve two functions that go hand in hand.

  1. Get people to develop a daily reading schedule. No longer reading the Bible hap hazardly wherever there finger happens to fall on. Ignite a passion in people to get in their Word and let the Word get in them.

  2. As a product of this new growth of Biblical readings people will become better equipped to defend their faith No longer will, “I don’t know” settle for an answer. People will know how to defend their faith because what they know what their faith is.

I kinda call it a 2 step process; devotion and defense. This will also be accomplished through various courses, conferences, and messages I offer on varying subjects.

I will soon be placing an apologetics page on the site as soon as its done…

Here’s what I need from you my brothers and sisters. Please visit and search around the pages and come back here to this forum thread or email me and tell me what you like and what you don’t like. The more feedback the better this site will be. Thank you for your help…


P.S. I am looking for opportunities to speak anywhere now, so if you live anywhere near the Poteau, OK area I love to speak to your church, parish, or group.

Wow. You’ve clearly put a lot of work into this, and it seems like it is shaping up to be a great website and a great idea. My suggestion is that you edit the “What is the Berean Life” section. This is the first place I clicked, and I didn’t like how it was phrased. You should move the information about the Bereans to the top. I would also get rid of the unsupported statistics and the negative phrasing. I would change it to something like this:

"“The brothers immediately sent Paul and Silas to Beroea during the night. Upon arrival they went to the synagogue of the Jews. These Jews were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with all willingness and examined the scriptures daily to determine whether these things were so. Many of them became believers.” (Acts, 17; 10-12).

Most Americans are Christians. However, many of us don’t read the Bible as much as we’d like. The purpose of The Berean Life website is to help believers learn about their faith by becoming more like the Bereans in Acts 17, who searched the scriptures daily to see if what was being preached was the truth. The Berean Life website seeks to accomplish this through courses, seminars and talks geared towards building a nationwide community of Christians who read and discuss one passage of the Bible each day." etc…

I am the former customer service director for a large non-profit company. Email me if you want any help with editing or anything. Good luck!

wow, thanks so much! I really like that idea about changing the “about” section. When I edit it I hope that you are able to read it and give a thumbs up.

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