New Websites for Catholic Families!


I wanted to post a quick note about two great websites I’ve found:

Catholic Kingdom:

Holy Family Press:

Catholic Kingdom is for whole families - It has areas on the site where children can learn about the
Saints and Sacramentals, and there are coloring activities, 
stories, and other fun things on the site.

They have the Catholic Saint or theme for each month and 
also for each day.

Holy Family Press is a site that has Catholic activity and coloring books.

Each book contains something for the child to cut out, color and keep. In the beginning of every book, there is a ‘mini’ catechism followed by many, different puzzles!

Every puzzle is a reinforcement on the catechism given.  Not only are the puzzles and text informative and fun, but interspersed with them are many beautiful illustrations to color.

Please look at it - you will not be disappointed.


Thanks for the sites we homeschool so they will be used.:slight_smile:


Thank you.
Those look promising, but still in construction.
I’ve added them to my blog and will keep an eye on their development.
My kids like EWTNkids, but these look to be geared more to the older kids ages. My 2nd ds enjoyed the castle one.


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