New woman presiding bishop !!!!!


in the Espiscopal church !!! made ya look !!!

Go to this news link:

What are your opinions ??? We can keep it on the Catholic church’s belief of men clergy to keep this under the apologetics theme…

Pray for our Episcopal brothers and sisters who are against this, that if anything, some might consider coming home to Rome !!!


I saw that in the paper this week, Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has Oregon ties, but so did the bagwan rashneesh.
I am happy for the Episcopal Church if that is want they want.
I feel that the Church is caving to popular culture, rather than standing to what it believes to be true, even if it contradicts popular culture. We are not here to be popular or fit into the culture, we are suppose to transform the culture.,


The last part is all you need to keep this in the apologetics section.
From that link alone:
Katharine Jefferts Schori took office Saturday as the first female leader of The Episcopal Church …
who supports ordaining gays …
… …
She will now represent the American denomination to the Anglican world. Her job is complicated by her personal support for Robinson’s election and for blessing same-sex couples, though she insists she won’t impose her views on others. She said the U.S. church should be willing to compromise “for a season” to stay in the 77 million-member Anglican Communion.

That may not be enough to appease other branches of the Anglican family, which take a traditional view that gay relationships are prohibited by Scripture. Some Anglican leaders also reject the idea of women’s ordination: Jefferts** Schori has said they’ll have to “get over it.**”


Unfortunately, the Episcopal Church is coming apart at the seams. I have a real problem deciding which is worse…a very liberal woman presiding bishop (Schori), a very liberal openly homosexual bishop who is living with his partner (Robinson) or the fellow recently ordained as a bishop out west who was divorced twice (or was it three times?). Having said that, there is still Godly and orthodox bishops in the Episcopal Church who needs the prayers of all of us, Catholic or Protestant. And even more devout laymen who are struggling with this apostacy.


So what they (Episcopalians) are trying to say or are saying, is that it is okay to be gay. People say that being gay is not a choice because they are born that way. Would really like to be there when she (New Bishop) has to answer questions from the parts of the bible that condemns homosexuality.

BTW, will they still continue to use the bible as part of their beliefs? Just want to know because it would be hard to say that you are teaching the truth, when you are not.


This Episcopalian and her household are in RCIA;)

My only regret is that we were not out of the Episcopal Church before that woman was installed:mad: I did not go to Services yesterday, but my husband did, and said several people were handing out “It’s a girl!” buttons. He was very glad I was not there, as I would have made an ugly scene…


In Buffalo the pastor of the Episcopal Cathedral in downtown is an openly gay woman who lives with her partner and their dogs. Apparently the stuff about homosexuality isn’t recognized by the Episcopal Church as relevent to today.:rolleyes: :confused:


I’m not sure I really understand the rationale behind this, at least within the context of Christianity.

My understanding of Protestantism is that it is in many cases based on “Sola Scriptura”. While I don’t agree with that approach (being a devout Catholic), I at least can grasp it.

But the Bible emphatically tells us that homosexual behavior is wrong. Not just difficult, but sinful.

Jesus didn’t send out any women apostles… He sent out men. The Son of God must have known what He was doing.

If you can ignore whatever parts of the Bible that are inconvenient to you, doesn’t that indicate that you don’t think that the Bible is the Word of God?

And if it’s not the Word of God, by bother with it at all?

I just don’t understand how Episcopalians can support positions that are obviously in contradiction to Scripture. What, then, is the basis of their faith?


Saying that the U.S. Episcopal church has caved feels like a solecism: the word “caved” implies the collapse of a structure that had some pretensions to or appearances of structural integrity. Butterscotch pudding doesn’t “cave,” nor really can the farinaceous goop that the edifice of Episcopalianism has become. And only this loss of all institutional solidity can fully explain the installation of her excellency Schori. How’d this loss happen, though?

Forgive me if my memory distorts and coarsens Cardinal Newman’s observations of the 19th-century Anglicans, but I think he put his finger on the real problem. Then as now, the Anglican/Episcopal church was roughly divided into three camps–high church, low church, and modernizers. Even in Newman’s time, though, the most vigorous and integrity-filled representatives of each camp were taking their stances to their logical conclusions and becoming more fully themselves in (respectively) Catholicism, Evangelicalism, or irreligion, refusing to live by what they came to perceive as half-measures.

Arguably then, the Church of England’s internal compromises, inherent in its nature, have served to drive out out the non-mediocre, a process nearly complete in the first-world Episcopal/Anglican churches of the 21st century. (My apologies to the many individual Episcopalians who stand as honorable exceptions to this trend.) As good an explanation as I can come up with, I’m afraid. What a rude intrusion of natural selection into religion! :eek:


Pray that God heals the Episcopalian Church, or even better…reunite it with the Bishop of Rome! I hope this Christian Church does do something about it. This is bad news and only when the liberals learn that the Church is NOT a democracy, will they stop. Please Lord, let the terrible schism between the Anglican Church and the Catholic Church end. Let them be united with her.


The Episcopal Church can find itself in this mess because, among other things, it starts to believe its own liberal nonsense regarding homosexuality. See below from an excerpt from the Episcopal Church’s response/defense to the Anglican Communion’s Windsor Report regarding the ordination of an actively homosexual bishop and same-sex marriage:

[2.0] For almost forty years, members of the Episcopal Church
have discerned holiness in same-sex relationships and,
have come to support the blessing of such unions and the
ordination or consecration of persons in those unions.
Christian congregations have sought to celebrate and bless
same-sex unions because these exclusive, life-long, unions
of fidelity and care for each other have been experienced
as holy. These unions have evidenced the fruit of the
Holy Spirit: “joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity,
faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control” (Galatians 5:22-
23). More specifically, members of our congregations have
seen the fruit of such unions as sanctifying human lives by
deepening mutual love and by drawing persons together in
fidelity and in service to the world….

Some members of our Church have, over many years, experienced
these manifest gifts of holiness and authentic desire to live
the Gospel life among our fellow members of same-sex
affection. We believe that God has been opening our eyes to
acts of God that we had not known how to see before….

[2.2] In this, we find ourselves in the same position as Peter
and his companions in Acts 10, who, initially hesitant to
welcome righteous Gentiles like Cornelius into their church,
discovered that God had already welcomed them (Romans
14:3) and poured out the gifts of the Holy Spirit upon them.
So we have been holding our circumstances, especially
these signs of holiness where we had not known to seek
holiness, before the Lord. We have been asking God to help
us find our way by showing us the way of God’s people.
Holy Scripture, specifically the account of the inclusion of
the Gentiles (Acts 10-15), has allowed us to interpret our
experience in the light of the early Church’s experience….


On the contrary, Jesus told us that we would be hated and ridiculed because of Him and that we should rejoice in it. Looks like we’ll have more and more to rejoice in as time goes on. :wink:


The whole situation just makes me very sad. And it really frustrates those of us who stayed in the Episcopal Church and tried to work with the system to keep things from getting to this point. I’m very happy I left the Episcopal Church before all of this happened. I just have to pray for the people in that Church, there are many who are very unhappy with everything that has happened…


People are leaving:

ATTLEBORO, MASS: All Saints, Attleboro, Leaves Episcopal Church, Joins AMiA

By David Virtue

ATTLEBORO, MA: All Saints Episcopal Church, a 500-member orthodox congregation in the ultra-liberal diocese of Massachusetts, has voted through its rector and vestry to leave The Episcopal Church and affiliate with the evangelical Anglican Mission in America. This is the second parish following St. Paul’s, Brockton that has left the TEC for the AMIA with its rector the Rev. Dr. Jim Hiles.

“It’s been coming for some time,” said The Rev. Dr. Lance Guiffrida, 54, parish rector, citing the Episcopal Church’s moral and theological stances that have significantly departed from Holy Scripture.

“Our case is before the Diocesan Standing Committee. We have had no comment from the bishop’s office,” Guiffrida told VOL.

“We are hopeful; we are looking to negotiate the acquisition of our property. They have agreed to meet with us and that is a positive sign,” he said.

Asked if he would fight for the property in court, Guiffrida said, “We won’t go to court; we are prepared to walk away.”

“The vote by myself and the vestry was unanimous,” he said. Guiffrida told parishioners in an Oct. 1 letter that the leadership was seeking negotiations with the Bishop of Massachusetts, the Rt. Rev. M. Thomas Shaw, III SSJE.


mazel tov to your new bishop.

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