New Year’s Eve in Russia: State-run show says not to drink with Asians for health reasons


New Year’s Eve in Russia: State-run show says not to drink with Asians for health reasons

**Russia’s state-run First Channel featured a segment on “Live Healthfully” with a panel that said not to drink with Asians on New Year’s Eve — for their own good.

During a segment uploaded to YouTube Dec. 15, host Yelena Malysheva explained that Russia is “a white race, a Slavic one,” and that there were downsides to drinking with others outside of that biological mold.**

“There is no discrimination here, just an understanding of the physiology that makes every race different. …] When we talk about who not to drink with this New Year’s, we do not mean to cast scorn on anyone. We’re talking about the threat to their own health,” said Ms. Malysheva, Radio Liberty reported Wednesday. She then went on to describe Asians as “people of the Mongoloid race.”

The host and her panel of guests used fake livers filled with an unknown liquid to demonstrate that for “people with narrow eyes and crescent-shaped faces, alcohol is toxic,” Radio Liberty reported. The show explained that a certain percentage of Asians have a genetic disposition that prevents their body from processing alcohol property.

Radio Liberty noted that although one-third of Asians do possess a gene that makes it difficult for their bodies to break down alcohol, doctors do not suggest individuals go out of their way to exclude them from social gatherings.


I think that this is blown up a bit out of proportion. I suppose that it is true that many Asians can drink as much as or even more than some Caucasians, however, my experience with some of my Asian friends is that they are a bit more sensitive to alcohol, although I am not sure why. Perhaps because the Asian friends I know are somewhat thinner (and therefore more healthy) than some of us. Maybe it has something to do with the weight of a person, I am not sure.


I never met an Asian who claimed to be a good drunk. :shrug:


Now I’m confused.

Indians and Arabs technically are Asians yet they are not so called Mongoloids. In fact they are considered Caucasians.

Native Americans are also called members of the Mongoloid race yet they are not Asian.


That’s because the concept of the “3 Great Races” is bunk and has no basis in biology


From what I have read before, Russia is a very racist country. Rather, I should say that ethnic Russians tend to be both ethnicist and racist.


All other things being equal, a person with greater body mass has a greater tolerance to a given amount of alcohol than does a person with less. Probably somehwere on google one can find how many ounces of alcohol it takes to get one to the acknowledged intoxication level, based on the weight of the person. Every cop shop has one of those charts. The reason is that a person with greater body mass has a greater blood volume as well as more tissue, so the specific amount of alcohol is more widely dispersed in a big person than in a small one. Thus the brain alcohol level is less and the level of intoxication is as well.


I’m going to get in trouble for saying this but its double standards so, from what I’ve read before America is a very racist country. Rather I should say that ethnic Americans tend to be both ethnicist and racist based on events like ferguson.

I wouldn’t be talking about racism based on America’s reputation for that overseas. Generalized statements like that aren’t fair and the US certainly can be applied to many of them too.


It would be foolish and untrue for anyone to proclaim that racism does not exist in any country, or even in their own heart. But there can be differences in how people deal with that, both as a society and in their own actions.

It is my impression, simply from what I have read, that Russians tend to be overtly racist in their speech and in their actions in ways Americans, by and large, are not.!

Apparently the worldwide soccer federation is considering moving the 2018 world cup games out of Russia because of fairly severe racism exhibited by Russian fans.


I didn’t read the ‘article’ but the majority of Asians are genetically deficient in ADH and cannot digest alcohol properly.

*If you have ever gone out to a bar with three friends of East Asian descent (Chinese, Japanese or Korean), you would have probably noticed that the face of at least one of them turned red after just a few sips of alcohol. You ask your friend if they’re okay. They just laugh it off and tell you it’s an “Asian flush.”

The Asian flush, sometimes called the “Asian glow,” refers to a common reaction to alcohol among East Asians. This facial flushing was found to be a result of a deficiency of a liver enzyme called ALDH2. This finding was revealed in a 1981 article in Lancet.*


I would be careful about stereotyping all Americans in any way shape or form. We are a huge country, 316 million people. That is diversity any way you look at it. There is no such thing as an “ethnic American” except in the movies and maybe at the Guardian. I do notice this US stereotyping in Europeans, the better-educated, the worst it gets. You are making a mistake. The first time I went to England I thought everybody talked and dressed like Alistair Cooke, read Jane Austin all day drinking tea, maybe playing the Who’s Quadophrenia in the background. It was a rude awakening, believe me. You don’t know us any better than we know you (I know you are not in England; this is just an example). If you want to understand us (and I am not sure that is even possible :)), you would have to live and work in a variety of places in the US over a period of years. And CAF, much as I love it, is not a good indicator of the American norm. :wink:


I would sincerely doubt that the Russians were being ‘racist’ in any shape or form, in relation to this.


I’m glad that you ignored the other posters ignorant views on Russians that I responded to.


Your being very racist though, did it never occur to you that some posters on this forum might have Russian roots when you say these terrible things? You basically insulted an entire ethnicity. I know you are a neocon but aren’t you taking it a bit too far with the Russian hate based on this stupid story where I could post hundreds of racist american examples?

Please do some research on the ultra movement in soccer before you specifically insult Russia again for that, its not exactly a Russian phenomenon. Ironically they respect that freedom of speech more than the west though.


:slight_smile: I don’t really have an opinion on this. There are racists in every country - I think we all agree on that. It is a fact that alcohol has devastated many in the Native American community in the US. They can’t handle alcohol.


Actually there is a grain of truth to this, since many East Asians have a genetic inability to process alcohol. And the way Russians like to drink is not for the light of liver.


Are you capable of saying anything without being ill-mannered about it?

I back up my post. If you didn’t like it, here’s another.


Russians are not a “race” any more than “Aryans” are/were a “race”.

I never said racism is peculiar to Russia. I said the very opposite.

If, as both the National Review and the Atlantic articles point out, racism and xenophobia in Russia are on the increase, and encouraged by the government, and if the international soccer committee is considering taking the 2018 world cup out of Russia for that reason, then it’s a problem in Russia and all the name-calling you hurl at me will not change it.

And your calling me a “neocon” is incorrect, though I doubt it bothers you to be inaccurate in your search for personal insults.


No you didn’t you specifically said “Russia is a very racist country. Rather, I should say that ETHNIC Russians tend to be both ethnicist and racist.” Lets see singled out Russia, check. Referenced news articles about increasing racism as evidence when the same thing can be done about america’s racism increasing, check. What exactly are “ethnic” Russians if you aren’t referencing race? You specifically brought in race there so I’m stunned you are denying that now. The world cup being pulled for rowdy soccer fans, O yeah thats not political at all Ukrainian ultras are especially famous for being polite egalitarians so the Euros were no problem for them. Its not like ultras are banned for big matches in other countries, Russian would never do that common thing. Not to mention that actually Russian nationalists hate Putin/ the regime and Putins party is really popular in the ethnic minority communities in Russia.

You embody the neocon view on foreign policy almost to the dot. “Neoconservatives frequently advocate the “assertive” promotion of democracy and promotion of “American national interest” in international affairs including by means of military force” sounds exactly like you. Based on that I guessed what your view on torture was before I even read your comments on it. Your one of the most purist poster in that regard, I don’t now how you don’t consider yourself one unless you just think being neoconservative is the norm?


That is exactly what a physical anthropologist told me.

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