New Year's Eve appetizer ideas?


Hi everyone–hope you are enjoying what remains of the Christmas season.:slight_smile:

I was hoping I could receive some good appetizer ideas, as we typically ‘watch the ball’ drop – with or without company --this year, probably without–and would like some good ideas. We will be attending mass tomorrow night at 7pm, (vigil of Solemnity of Mary) and will put out some ‘finger foods’ to kick the night off when we return home.

The only thing my husband could think of was a platter of cooked shrimp.:blush: LOL I can’t think of anything beyond that, either…ha! Any ideas, that are somewhat quick…that everyone would like (we have picky 11 and 15 yr olds) Your help is appreciated!

(How about those already prepared appetizers in the frozen food section?) Quiche would also be pretty good.


Hey WG, we are going to eat healthy this year if it kills us.:rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue: Ours kids love Hummus or Black Bean Dip and of course Raw Oysters on Saltine Crackers with Cocktail Sauce. I would think the Raw Oysters in Tampa are good this time of year too.:yup:


Heeeeyyyy–I like hummus…forgot about that. And oysters…hmmm…sounds good!

I was thinking of fish tacos…everyone can fix their own.:blush: Not sure how that will go over, but my dh and I have been wanting to try fish tacos for some time.

Thanks for the ideas TIME:)


Cream Cheese pinwheels -

In the deli section I find some good seasoned deli meat (I like sundried tomato turkey), toss that in the food processor and mince it up. Throw in a handfull of green olives, then add some cream cheese.

Spread that on tortillas, roll up and slice.

Another variation on the filling is ham and minced dill pickles in cream cheese, or salsa, green chilis and cream cheese.

Corn dip - a package of cream cheese, some sour cream (I eyeball it), frozed shoepeg corn, a can of green chilis, a bit of pepper, warm it all in a pan or in the oven and serve with crackers or tortilla chips.

Fondue is another fun idea…


How 'bout mini kabobs of olives, cheese cubes and grape tomatoes (smaller than cherry tomatoes!) or fruit ones of grapes, cheese cubes and pineapple chunks or strawberries? The great thing is, you can make these ahead of time and chill them. String them on coffee stirrers or long cocktail toothpicks. Serve the savory ones with a ranch-type dip and the fruit ones with yogurt dip if you like.

Or a variety of apple slices (Granny Smiths, Galas, Pink Lady, to name a few… they all have distinctive tastes!) with a variety of dips–cream cheese (whipped until smooth, with or without honey and chopped walnuts added), peanut butter or caramel ice cream topping.

Healthy and tasty!


How much time to you want to spend? I’ve some great things, but, they will take some time…


We are doing a baked potato bar! :smiley: I will roast a bunch of spuds in the oven tomorrow, then we will have a whole bunch of toppings for everyone to load up their spud however they like it. Chili, bacon, sour cream, green onions, cheese, sauted mushrooms, etc…

We won’t be getting together until about 8pm, so it won’t be dinner, but between 8pm and midnight folks are bound to get hungry - so it’s more than appetizers and less than dinner.

I think it will be fun too, and something that people can eat as they show up and not have to worry about keeping hot or cold.



You’ve got a lot of great ideas here already, I can only add one of my favorites…fresh crab claws, marinated in italian dressing. quick and easy and really good.

Fondue is another good idea, as another poster already mentioned. You could do steak, cheese, or even a desert fondue.


sam’s has the best collection of frozen appetizers, both the savory kind and the sweet kind, I have ever tasted, and for a big party they can’t be beat. for a small family gathering, the TGIF frozen appetizers at the grocery store are good too. a big bag of wings, some pizza rolls (horrible food but taste so good), frozen meatballs cooked either in cream of mushroom soup thinned with a little milk and sour cream/or spaghetti sauce. tortellini cooked and dipped in alfredo sauce or tomato sauce

spinach artichoke dip from the deli and pita chips, bagel chips, or melba toast (or corn chips).

those little sausages in BBQ sauce

for me it is too much work to make a lot of stuff like this from scratch that people just pop in their mouths, I’d rather save that for a meal people linger over (I have heard there are people who do that with holiday meals, rather than eating in front of the football game on TV, but maybe it is an urban legend).

DH just bought his new years eve appetizers, same we have every year, doritos, salsa, chips, dip, pepsi, fortunately stuff I don’t like and can’t eat. I will scrounge around and see what goodies are left from Christmas.

I had another one recently, “crab melts” think tuna melts but with crab meat, canned or frozen and thawed, mixed with a bit of mayo and a touch of mustard or horseradish (I couldn’t tell which) spread on those thin squares of rye or dark bread, sprinkled with grated cheese, put under the broiler just enough to melt the cheese.

if somebody knows how to make those lobster bites they are featuring at long jon silver I’d like to here about it.


Costco (and probably Sam’s too) has a wonderful Spinach-Artichoke-Parmesan dip that comes in a big container. All you have to do is heat it up. You can put it in a bread bowl or we use Sun Chips.

Also pigs in a blanket are great too as are sausage balls (you can get both pre-made in the freezer section)


Um, like no longer than 30 minute prep time…if it needs to bake or something, that is ok.:slight_smile:


I love love love your idea! I think we will try this…we have a pretty big kitchen (counter space) and I could set up a potato station, and also an ice cream sundae station–excellent!!


I saw Friday’s stuff too at Target, and think I might grab a few boxes for extra stuff. I have also made pigs in a blanket, the kids like those a lot…I opt out of beef, and get turkey dogs. lol

Thanks everyone–I think I have some great ideas here to work from!!!


I have an easy one that looks really pretty…get a square, old fashioned block of Philadelphia Cream Cheese and unwrap it. Put it on a plate and put some red salsa over it…then surround it with crackers or chips…the red and the white look festive and it makes an interesting ‘dip’ or spread…


Here are a few yummy ones. The bacon jalapeno thingies are great, so are the wings if you like spicy. Otherwise the olive cheese bread is divine. Everyone should like that one.


Thank you teakafrog! I hadn’t thought of wings. Ugh…what’s wrong with me? All of these ideas too, have a healthy ‘version’ of themselves…if we are making the dishes ourselves.


  • shrimp with cocktail sauce
  • hummus with pita crackers
  • potato bar
  • cream cheese with salsa on top with crackers (but I think I will add some spicy cheese too) yum:)
  • tortilla pinwheels (wheat tortillas)
  • maybe a few frozen things to add (Friday’s etc)
  • wings (maybe a few different sauces)

*ice cream buffet for dessert–mainly for the kids (notice i say mainly hee hee):smiley:

Day after tomorrow…walk for miles to work all of this off. :blush:


Ohhhh, wings. Martha Stewart radio trick that works so great - bake them. Put the little wingies in a VERY hot oven (500). The skin will get nice and crispy, but, you avoid the whole fried thing.

This recipe has the process we use.

A great hot sauce, a stick of margarine/butter and a bottle of hot sauce (we like Fred’s).


We had these last night and ooooohhhhhhh were they good! :heaven:


Ok…discussed my thread with my dh…he was working today…lol

He doesn’t want to do the potato buffet…not sure why, but he said that it might be too filling. Maybe. He likes the wings idea, and the tortilla pinwheels…(and the cream cheese with salsa)

He said that these are his kind of threads!:smiley:


Maybe this is just a Polish thing, but I remember herring being served when I was growing up.

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