New years eve dinner


Just wondering. My inlaws always have meat on new years eve. Today is Friday but tomorrow is the solemnity of Mary, Mother of God which would make tonight the vigil of a solemnity. We're also still in the Christmas octave. So, if we normally choose to abstain from meat on Fridays instead of some other form of penance (except on feast days), is it okay to have meat tonight or is it a normal Friday?


I think the only days you have to give up meat are during lent, so you should be okay tonight as far as I know. Maybe a google search could turn something up? I asked my husband who normally knows a lot about this sort of thing, but he's not sure about this one. He said that when in doubt, it's probably better to abstain. Fortunately for us, the parties we're going to just have typical snack foods like soda and pretzels so not eating meat hasn't been an issue today.


All Fridays of the year (except in the rare case of a solemnity) are days of abstinence, which means not eating meat. It is an act of devotion to our Lord and an act of penance.

Tonight is no different. If your local ordinary (i.e. your bishop) has outlined a substitute penance than you can do that instead.

Christmas Eve was the same way. That’s how it goes sometimes! Have a blessed day. :getholy:


I thought that while you still have to do some kind of penance on Fridays, preference was no longer given to not eating meat. In other words, if you wanted to give something else up every Friday (except during Lent) that would be okay even if it wasn’t some kind of special circumstance. My husband and I don’t eat meat on Fridays anyway, but I thought that it would be okay if we wanted to do something else. Am I understanding it incorrectly? I am a convert, so everything I know about Catholicism has been learned in the past 2 years and I still have a ways to go.


Actually, all Fridays are penitential days, not necessarily days of abstinence. Years ago that was the case but there is a document on the usccb's site that says that you no longer need to abstain from meat under pain of sin although abstention is a worthy practice. Another penitential practice can be done instead. That's not the case during lent of course. There is also to be no penitential practice if the Friday also happens to be a feast day. You are to celebrate on those days. My question had to do whether the vigil if a feast would be observed the same as the feast day. Since I just looked at the document above (i had forgotten about it) and there is a section relating to vigil's, it appears that they are observed as a feast day. And, given that in the LTOH evening prayer tonight is the solemnity of Mary, again it appears that abstinence is not required. Hope everyone has a blessed new year.


Fridays are days of penitence and almsgiving. When Fridays fall on a solemnity that takes precedence, generosity in almsgiving is a worthy recognition of the dual nature of the day.

Also, normal days are observed midnight to midnight, but observance of Sundays and solemnities begins at Vespers the preceding day. A Friday that falls immediately prior to a solemnity can be observed as a day of penitence until the observance of the solemnity begins, in late afternoon or early evening. (This is why parishes might have Vigil Masses for the Solemnity of Mary on December 31.)


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