New Year's resolution?


My new year’s resolution is to be a better Catholic. I

ll admit, Im pretty naive and perhaps somewhat ignorant about Catholicism, but im only 16 years old. Anyways, Im a “Cradle Catholic” (obviously not a very good one), Im dating a Jehovah’s Witness, I go to a public school (where of course- God isnt allowed), I havent confessed in two years, and Ive only been baptized and done my first communion.

How can I become a better Catholic?
Im willing to make sacrifices (but not too extreme for me) and whatever it takes.

Thank you
God Bless


Read something good. :slight_smile: I recommend Theology of the Body for Beginners, by Christopher West. It’ll help especially in regards to your relationship with your girlfriend. Regardless of your different faiths, take time to pray to God together, asking him for his blessings. On that note, start to pray more.

Read about the Mass, why we do the things we do at Mass. Follow along and learn about the sacraments. Do you understand the “Real Presence” means? Even a basic understanding compels one to seek out more understanding.

Most importantly, go to Confession. Think of all the things you have done wrong in the eyes of God. Have you had sex? Have you been respectful of your parents? Do you attend Mass every Sunday? Why not? Is God first in your life?

Confession is not just a “slate-cleaner.” It’s an opportunity to redirect your life towards God. Get in the habit of going once or twice a month. This is the quickest way to becoming a better Catholic.

Talk to a priest!!! A good priest can truly make the most out of a Catholic. Be humble and admit your ignorance. If you truly want to learn about the faith, realize that the Truths of the faith aren’t easy, but once appreciated and accepted, they instill great joy in the hearts of believers. :slight_smile:

If you would like to talk more, just PM. or continue the conversation on this thread. God bless! God knows we need all the faithful laity we can get to soldier on for Him.


Hi there.
Thanks for your time to help a trouble teen :slight_smile:

Well, about my Jehovah’s Witness boyfriend (Dont worry- Im a girl!)- I dont feel comfortable talking to him about my faith. I feel as if hes criticizing my beliefs in his head. We’ve talked about our religious differences and I frankly told him that I want God to be in the center of our relationship. He agreed, but didnt say much. I asked him how we can have God without getting on eachother’s throats and he didnt know. He just said “through prayer and time”. I guess hes right, but I really dont know.

Yes, I try to educate myself about what goes on in mass. But its so complicated from the eyes of a teenager! Ill definetely pick up Theoloy of the Body though.

Confession! Ill be honest- I dont like it, so going once or even twice a month will be very hard, but I know its important, so Ill definetely go ASAP.

But I think Ill feel too intimidated talking to a priest :frowning:


Don’t worry. I’m only 20. :slight_smile: Not too much older than you.

As a teenager, you possess a lot of influence. You can really be a person who creates the next generation into something better or worse than the present norm. Considering the way you talk about your faith, I should think that you will be making the next generation better. :slight_smile:

Remember that God IS first. No relationship can ever be grounded into something more concrete or real than God Himself. If you ever feel like this isn’t so, it is important to have a very real conversation regarding your faith.

Moreover, it might be helpful to flip through other threads concerning different-faith relationships. I think it’s important to talk and discuss your separate faiths in a respectful manner. Not only will you learn more about the other person’s faith, but you will learn more about your own, and you will learn, too, how to converse better with someone who does have a different faith than you.

Hehe, I don’t think you’re supposed to “like” confession. The whole point is that you “don’t want to go.” See? But the Sacrament is much more of a healing and a means to the right life with God. So that one DOES like the Sacrament for the graces one receives and the ability to start fresh and live well in the eyes of God. Be sure and find a good priest, too. I hate it when priests don’t even offer a simple piece of advice or even a verse from the Bible. A good priest will offer very sound advice and help you to direct your life. This priest might also be one to chat with. :slight_smile: Don’t worry, priests don’t bite.


First off - no-one likes confession, just like no-one honestly likes brushing their teeth, or sitting a school exam, but certainly we all feel better after we’ve done them! Do it, get it done with, try not to worry about it.

Secondly - read a book called ‘Lord Have Mercy’ by Scott Hahn (he wrote it with someone else). It’s about confession, and if it’s anything like the TV series he made of it it’s really good. He converted to Catholicism as an adult, so you can imagine what his first confession must’ve been like for him :bigyikes: A bit like mine earlier this year I’d imagine - I hadn’t confessed in like 10 years!

Thirdly - if you’re nervous because it’s been a long while since you last confessed, tell the priest that! At least it’ll let him know to help you out a bit if you get a little tongue-tied or anything. And if you think it’s likely to be a long confession then make an appointment outside regular confession times so you and the priest don’t feel rushed or anything.


Ahh… that makes a lot of sense about Confession. And its good to know that priests dont bite :slight_smile: Its just that being around someone so pious can be pretty intimidating for such a bad Christian like me.


For some more general, “why be Catholic” type reading, you might like “Letters to a Young Catholic” by George Weigel. Your boyfriend might, too!


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