new years resolutions

Every year my new years resolutions are more spiritual than physical

I have made up lists of vices vs. virtues, the commandments, the beatitudes, acts of mercy, fruits/gifts of the holy spirit, scripture reading schedules, acts of penance, acts of faith, hope and charity, favorite saints and novenas…

My resolution is to work on each vice first, replacing it with the corresponding virtue, and adding on and on.

Anyone here with me?

Anyone have any suggestions for these I am having difficulty with…
1-Piety … But not showing a “holier than thou” attitude especially in church
2-how to have fortitude when you’re aging and body hurts
3- anyone have any suggestions on how I can “ransom captive” as in visiting jails? Now that I am actually afraid to do.

I hope this post is coming through correctly as I read it back I’m not communicating my thoughts well here.

Wonder if anyone out there has ideas for various acts of charity (you know $ is a problem for everyone these days) my plan is to continue building all year long.

How about just throwing out some ideas and lets all dedicate this coming year to Our Lord consciously and determined.

2013 has been a write off for me. I have missed mass countless times and had a generally awful year. God willing 2014 will be brighter, the 2nd RCIA session is on January 14th so I’m trying to focus on my journey to Catholicism.

When I was an atheist, I didn’t care for resolutions!

I don’t make New Years’ resolutions. I make resolutions every time I go to Confession.

I like your idea of working on vices through virtues, one at a time. There are some websites that guide you through the year, such as

Read all the books everyone has been giving me.

This past month I just received a total of 70 books.

My new years resolution is to read at least one book all the way through.The last half dozen I checked out at the library seemed to be religious,but as I glanced through the contents there was MUCH anti religious sentiment and one of these books was by a CAtholic theologian! If that is not depressing I dont know what is.

I know Mary told Catherine Laboure and also Melanie at La Salette that there would be many bad books toward the end times and cause the faithful to fall away.

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