New Year's with the Benedictines

A couple of folks at my parish suggested tonight (and offered to help arrange) that I go to a shindig the Benedictines near my town. Just perusing their website, I’ve really become enamored of these guys and, for someone new to all this especially, a really incredible opportunity. A couple of questions for y’all:

  1. Never having gone on a retreat or anything like it, I’m wondering if there are some general pointers I should keep in mind so that I can get the most out of the experience. This is just a two day, overnight thing, with a wine/cheese New Year’s celebration, plus Mass, vespers, Confession (which I’m not yet qualified for), and opportunities to chat with the monks about life at the abbey.
  2. I’m really worried that I’m not going to want to leave. I’m not even in communion yet, so my odds of being accepted on the spot as a postulant are pretty slim. This sounds like a trite concern, but I really do worry about this. Surely, I’m not the only one, right? My question is: what do I do- try to subdue this thought? I mean, on the one hand, it’s silly to be considering all this when I’m just now getting my feet wet with this Catholic thing and may just be suffering some of the usual converts over-enthusiasm. On the other, wouldn’t it be just as bad to push this out of my head entirely and potentially miss my vocation? Or should I just shut up and be grateful that I get to spend New Year’s drinking champagne in a monastery?

I think you should go, & also speak to your parish priest about feeling a possible call to a religious vocation.
As far as the level of participation with the sacraments, just be honest when you arrive, and ask for guidance. I still mention to priests I haven’t done confession with before that I am a new catholic & still “learning” confession, no one has ever made me feel bad, they are usually quite excited to find a convert.
Congratulations on your conversion journey, my husband & I converted last year :thumbsup:

The very first words of St. Benedict’s rule for monasitic life are…

Listen carefully, my child…

That is what you should do. Quiet yourself, and just listen. :slight_smile:


Thank you both for the advice. I’m going to speak with my parish priest about this soon, and am led to believe there will be plenty of opportunities to seek guidance from the brothers when I arrive. TimothyH, I just read those words of St. Benedict for myself about two hours ago, as I’ve just started on The Rule for the first time. Thanks for putting it in context for me.

I have always loved the rule of St. Benedict, especially for it’s mercy. I hope you have a wonderful time :thumbsup:

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