New York Awarded 2014 Super Bowl

IRVING, Tex. — National Football League owners, lured by playing the sport’s biggest game on the largest stage, combined with the promise that snow would not grind the event to a halt, awarded the 2014 Super Bowl to New York on Tuesday afternoon, making the New Meadowlands Stadium the host of what will be the first cold-weather Super Bowl…

Apparently the author is referring to the first outdoor cold-weather Super Bowl. I remember a picture of an ice sculpture of the Roman numerals “XVI” outside the stadium in Detroit years ago.

But even that isn’t really true, as the last paragraph notes. It’s certainly possible that the game in northern Jersey in early February will start with temperatures in the low 50s, depending on how early the game begins. More realistically, I predict miserable 34-degree drizzle.

Cold-weather Super Bowls are unlikely to become the norm, but the N.F.L. has made no promise that the New York game would be a one-time cold-weather event, and owners of cold-weather teams, including those in Philadelphia and Cleveland, backed the New York bid, perhaps with their eyes on the future.

According to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Web site, the coldest outdoor game in Super Bowl history was Super Bowl VI at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans: the temperature at game time was 39 degrees. Super Bowl IX, also at Tulane Stadium, was 46 degrees. And six other outdoor games had game time temperatures in the 50s.


Don’t forget to wear your Snuggie, in team colors of course! :winter:

I like it! (Not just because I’m a Packer fan either)…it’s because of one practical fact:

  1. There have been 44 Super Bowls played thus far…most of them have been boring games (other than the championship glitz)
  2. Some of the best games in NFL history have been played in the cold (Ice Bowl, 4th and 26, The Drive, Patriots’ tuck rule, etc.)

I say bring it on! That way the players’ finest hour can have all the visuals we associate of “football highlight glory”

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