New York City -WATCH: Protesters lay siege to NYPD police commissioner’s home after viral van ‘kidnapping’ incident

Sirens wailed and strobe lights flickered as the mob grew restless outside the top cop’s house. The clearly aggrieved group also began banging, jeering and whistling, creating as much noise as possible.

Video of the arrest went viral and > The NYPD claimed that the woman bundled into the van had been *“wanted for damaging police cameras during five separate criminal incidents in and around City Hall Park.”

The NYPD added that its warrant squad regularly uses unmarked vehicles to locate wanted suspects and that uniformed bicycle police were also on-scene while carrying out the arrest.

Shea also ordered the tearing down of the Occupy City Hall encampment last week, further invoking the ire of anti-police brutality protesters.generated outrage online, with commenters decrying the authoritarian tactics used against protesters.

Go for the Police Commissioner Shea’s home, why not?

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She was booked and released.

The police were attacked by the ACLU and AOC saying they kidnapped the girl.

The police release video of her throwing paint on their cameras.

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