New York college moves to strip gender markings from all bathrooms


In a pioneering move, the Cooper Union administration is taking steps to remove the designations across campus, following student action last year


While I pray it never happens, ISTM this makes the college clearly responsible for any sexual assault, and they should be held so.



Fine I guess. To some extent, the male vs female restroom thing does seem somewhat arbitrary. With proper stalls privacy concerns are not a real issue.

Back in college days, a number of women ignored the signage and came into the men’s restroom in the dorms. It wasn’t predatory or unseemly, but simply if they were continuing a conversion with a male friend or their restroom was full. At least until the RA made a big deal of it.


I think Men should just start following the Mayor of New York’s wife into the bathroom. Peeing in the toilet with the seat down. I don’t think it would take long before the wife educates her husband on the nuances of his stupidity.:thumbsup:


Does this decision on the part of the administration at Cooper Union depend on the Mayor?


So, now all the bathroom doors will just say ‘bathroom’?? (non gender specific).

Oh yea, thats a great idea. LOL

I dont get it, what if someone sends their young daughter in to use the bathroom and a bunch of men go into the same bathroom…?? Will it just be anything goes now?


What prevents that from happening today? The answer is nothing and women do sometimes use the restroom designated for men already.


So, since a few people do the wrong thing, let’s make it a practice. :thumbsup:



I think people need to reevaluate why its so wrong for a man and woman to take a dump in the same place that we need laws and codes of conduct to prevent it.


Actually, I don’t think that reevaluation needs to take place at all. What’s really amazing is the same value system that claims men in the ladies room (and the reverse) is just fine, also wants codes that make it a cause for termination it’s guy says in passing to a female, “you look nice today”.



I attended an activism conference once that had gender neutral bathrooms. I think there is nothing wrong with it IF the proper level of maturity is utilized by all parties. But on a college campus, im not so sure such a standard of maturity across the board is the norm.
Not to mention the already high amount of sexual assault occurrences on all American college campuses.


Just more gender idiocy.


Yes. Perhaps unisex Mao jackets are next, in the name of eliminating potentially “offensive” clothing with politically incorrect sayings. We are clearly moving in that direction.



Does that mean no urinals? Because that kind of gives it away. Urinals everywhere? Urinals nowhere? Seems inefficient to me…


All the urinals will soon be outside.


Pure idiocy.



This gender nonsense has gotten waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy out of hand. When do we start to say “no”?


When society realizes that reality isn’t determined by popular vote.


When people realize that those in charge are not listening to the average person but have turned to listening only to special interest groups whose primary goal is “cultural change.”

Popular vote? Who cares. Just get an official person to endorse whatever.



Governor McCrory just did.


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