New York Eagle Scout Suspended From School for 20 Days for Keeping Pocketknife in Car

It’s a regular plague of dangerous subversives, I tell you…,2933,565520,00.html?test=latestnews

"…they said, ‘Do you own a knife?’ I said, ‘Yes, I’m a soldier and an Eagle Scout — I own a knife.’

"And they were like, ‘Well, is it in your car or anything?’ And I told them, ‘Yeah, it’s in my car right now.’

“And they asked me to show it to them. I didn’t realize it was going to be a problem. I knew it wasn’t illegal — my police chief grandfather gave the knife to me.”

Whalen said he took school administrators to his car because he thought their fears would be allayed when they saw it was just a 2-inch knife.

“They thought I had a dagger in my car or something like that, so I thought yeah, I’d show it to them,” Whalen said.

“I showed it to them, and they told me I had a knife on school property and had to be suspended.”

But things didn’t end there, Whalen said.

“They brought a cop in, who told them ‘he’s not breaking any laws, so I can’t charge him with anything.’”

Whalen said he asked Macri why a 2-inch pocketknife would be considered more dangerous than other everyday items around the school.

“I said to him, ‘What about a person who has a bat, on a baseball team? That could be a weapon.’ And he said, ‘Well, it’s not the same thing.’”

This young man has a great deal to learn when it comes to dealing with liberal administrators—he’s still trying to use logic and common sense. They are incapable of comprehending either.

This is really scary stuff. These people where looking for something, anything to get this kid. I hope people wake up to these bullies.

Yet another utterly stupid situation.

Yeah,nothing like screwing up the dreams of a high school senior who wants to go to West Point. Here is a young man who wants more out of life, to be his best. Truthfully I am suprised that he was not suspended or expelled after completing basic training. He
now has skills to defend himself and might have the upper hand in a fight because of his skills. Surely his teachers and even administrators know him. Word gets around when a Boy Scout is working and succeeding at becoming an Eagle Scout. His guidence counselor would know how hard he is working to get to West Point and wouldn’t do something to jeopardize it. Good luck to this young man and may he be able to follow his dreams. :thumbsup:

:slight_smile: This is what happens when our schools are staffed by far left radicals. I wonder if they even had a right to look in his car.

Well that is thing, these people were conniving and sneaky, they asked him a lot of questions and then got him to give them permission to go and check his car. I am sickened to find out what kind of snakes we have watching our children.

That’s the Liberal Way. Take whatever or whoever is exceptional and above average, and carve them down to mediocrity. If you’re better than someone else, that’s “offensive” to them, you know. Look at what they’re doing with the country.

and morons.

I know the father and son, and this is becoming quite the local story. Matt really is a stand-up kid, both in his discipline and character, and he really is an excellent academic. This kid (and his father) really are great role models for all of us. The tragic irony is that they are being rewarded with public humiliation by a school system gone wild!

The NYS teachers union is very liberal, and very powerful. The anti-military sentiment is very apparent in the public schools up here, and since both father and son are pro-military I wouldn’t be surprised if it rubbed someone the wrong way. Someone had to “rat” out Matt in order for his car to be searched.

I attended and graduated (class of '84) from this high school also. As a boy I always carried a pocket knife with me in school! In fact there was one teacher who had a really cool sharpening stone and a few of us guys would sharpen our pocket knives on it! Yes this same school!

It seems to me there are two lessons here when dealing with the idiots on the far left that often populate and corrupt our schools:

First - don’t park your car on school property. Then there is no issue of whether they have the right to search it, because they don’t. Not to mention, even if you let them see the knife in your car - if it is off school grounds, they don’t have a leg to stand on that you were bringing a knife to school.

Second - it seems more and more likely that parents need to be teaching their children that the last people in the world they can trust are the first people they should be able to trust in a school environment - their teachers and administrators. The fact that a generation of baby boomers, gen x-ers and now gen y-ers have consistently screwed this up quite royally is really sad, not to mention disturbing, especially since many of them - especially of the boomer and gen x generations - were raised in schools in a day when common sense was more likely to prevail then leftist ideological loonacy. Sad. Very, very sad.

It’s difficult for me to post on this topic without sounding like an “old codger” because of my own experiences at this school almost 30yrs ago. Lansingburg (otherwise known as “North Troy”) is a very small city, not super urban at all, but was always working class blue collar people. I lived out in the farming community but many of the “city kids” also hunted deer in November. I know I came to school at least once in my dad’s old Chevy truck with a rifle in the cab. So did some other kids. Driving to school was a certainly a priveledge, kids parked in the back, staff in the front spots. The most trouble I got into was doing burnouts with my old 67 Chevelle with my buddies in the car. Reckless heathen I was back then. :wink:

I never thought twice about not trusting teachers or authority though. Oh sure we had all kinds of nicknames for the teachers we didn’t like. Every class does that. But there was always the position of authority that we had to respect, like it or not. But I think even those were different, more innocent times. And I’m talking about the 70’s and 80’s! My how things have changed.

I hate to admit but I too tell my kids “not to believe everything your teacher tells you”. I do pay more attention to thier school work and make sure they at least have different viewpoints to consider. My wife and I make no apologies for being pro-life and conservative, and our kids appreciate that.

The irony is that we, the conservative family, present other viewpoints when it comes to discussion class and homework. The so-called “open minded liberals” who teach our kids never give them another viewpoint. Or they chastise the kids who do.

Again this story hits home and I’m outraged that a kid (and father) who actually work hard and make somethign of themselves get trashed. The whole world is upside down now.

It all comes down to an unwillingness to be responsible.

The school admisitration does not want to be responsible for any decisions, so they codify everything into a set of rules and mandatory punishments.

There is no difference in the rule book between a 2 inch knife and a dagger, or even a sword. And the rule specifies the punishment.

It’s safer that way. School officials need think no further.

In my opinion. They should throw these rule books out completely.
If the school officials are uncomfortable making real decisions for themselves, they should not have the job.

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