New York Election Failure Mail In Voting

And the point is? If mail in voting, which has been used for decades with little proof of fraud, is used in November’s election and Trump loses, the reason will be all 20% of uncounted ballots were obviously for him?

I think if Trump supporters all go to the polls in person, and only Biden supporters vote by mail, Trump as an advantage.

I think this is another example of planting seeds to invalidate an election Trump already realizes, short of a late surprise (and time is running out), that he does not have a path forward to victory.

The Atlantic is doing this? :rofl:


I purposely chose this article so I wouldn’t be accused of biases or use a biased source according to the left.

From the article:

Every election in the past few months has provided more evidence of a system that isn’t able to keep up with the coronavirus. Wisconsinites waited to vote for hours in the rain wearing makeshift masks. A police officer in Washington, D.C., reportedly tried to disperse a crowd waiting to vote, because the people in line were breaking a curfew established in response to the George Floyd protests. More people than ever are voting by mail, and election officials are invalidating more votes than ever because of technical errors. In Georgia, 943,000 primary voters turned in absentee ballots, a 2,500 percent increase from the 2016 primary.

New York’s June elections were primaries for local races—assembly and state Senate and Congress—with no partisan change in power at stake and a much smaller pool of voters than a general election. New York is a solidly Democratic state, with a Democratic governor, and all the officials who matter said they were committed to expanding voting by mail and other options. And it was a disaster.

Imagine what happens when the results matter more. Imagine it’s December 5, a month after the national elections in the fall. Is President Donald Trump ahead, or Joe Biden? Who’s ahead in close House races? Senate races? Local races for mayor or state legislature? Are votes still coming in? Are they being contested? Who’s making the decisions? Which courts are getting involved? Recounts, if they’re needed, would be in … January? February? When is the presidential election going to be called? When will every seat be filled for the next session of Congress?

Read: Trump could still break

20% of uncounted ballots can sway a lot of elections.
Take a count of how many Congressional elections were decided by less than 10%. How about state vote counts? How many of these were decided by that margin?

This is not insignificant. This does not affect just the presidential election, it also affects all the elections down the ballot.


So what’s the point…is it an example of Ceteris Paribus, or is one party at a advantage over the other…and if so, why?

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How can anyone believe democracy matters and then ask "so what’s the point? Did you not read the article?

Many people’s votes will be voided.

There are too many issues with mail-in voting.

What’s the point?

That is a fairly obtuse way of looking at it. What part of every election is affected by 20% missed ballots that you do not get? All politics are ultimately local. Perhaps you live in a region that is mixed enough politically to lead to rather close elections? Close by less than 3% or so. Then you should be concerned. The local candidate for the school board that you want might not win in an environment like that. One example of many. But I guess that is not important to you.

Of course it’s a concern, but you didn’t answer my question…does an undercount favor or disadvantage one party over another?

Still an obtuse question. But I’ll humor you with an answer: does it matter?

Slightly longer explanation: your question’s answer depends on the locale you’re in. The integrity of any close election whether D or R or independent is at stake when 20% of ballots can’t be counted. What part of any do you not understand?

So let me bounce the ball back into your court. In all intellectual honesty, do you fear perceived discrepancies in mail-in ballots, in general, will be the reason for a Trump loss if he is defeated, even before a defeat takes place?

I only ask, because that seems to be the seed Trump is planting, and it seems to be playing well with his supporters.

So let me get this right, voter ID is bad because it supposedly could disenfranchise voters, but mail in voting is good even though it actually does invalidate a significant percentage of votes.


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Here’s a guide for that.

Sorry, I don’t buy into this chart, especially since the Washington Examiner is not far right.

I don’t know who gets to decide this but they are certainly skewed in their political thinking.

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It’s only one opinion. One can always go to Quora and set them straight. :slight_smile:

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