New York governor calls for amending state constitution for abortion rights


New York governor calls for amending state constitution for abortion rights


He is Catholic, right?


He is? Do Democratic Catholic politicians attend Mass?


They better not receive the Eucharist if they do.


No idea how they can…


When’s the last time American bishops have valiantly and publicly denounced Catholic politicians promoting murder in the womb?


Well, I guess it’s still better than not attending Mass…


Well, in fairness, there isn’t anything that forbids anybody from attending Mass.


Well, the future is bleak when the left is in charge. Is that fair?


I would say it’s accurate.


Isn’t that interesting? When the Pope says show compassion for refugees, the political left praises him. But when he condemns abortion, redefining marriage or promiscuity, the political left tells him to shove off and spew vulgarities at him.
The reason why some Catholics aren’t listening to the Pope on Trump’s reckless executive order is because some on the political left called themselves Catholic have created a precedence to ignore the Pope when it doesn’t suit their agenda. It’s hard to take seriously those who wave the picture of Pope Francis in front of Catholics who support the executive order and pontificate about refugees but then in the next breath tell the Pope to shove off for condemning abortions. I say this as a non-Catholic.:eek:


And conversely.


Did they just say he’s a candidate for 2020? :eek:


Why can’t the Democrats get Joe Manchin, Jim Matheson, Collin T. Peterson or Jim Justice to run?


No Democratic women who you think should run or only men? :wink:



Amazing how so many posters here give these guys a free pass, but start going into hysterics over Amoris Laetitia. They should rather be going after these baby killers. :frowning:


Oh, those names were off the top of my head. I’m trying to go with Catholic teaching on the non-negotiable here. :slight_smile:


All I can say is that this is yet another example of Democratic extremism on the issue, which only reinforces to me why I left the Democratic party. They always preached about “having a big tent”, but that tent never covered me, as a person convicted to protecting the sanctity of life.


Saddening. The more we need Trump, a President who is courageous enough, perhaps crazy enough, to prevent the tide of secularism and atheism. This is the thing that we are against up more and more by the day. We have to choose a President who is on our side, at least on issue such as this, for we cannot turn a blind eye against the law of God and against sin.


:bowdown: Best post I have read all day.


I saw a story the other night about a baby that was born at 22 weeks and survived.
He is home from the hospital now and looks as healthy as he can be.

I don’t see how any Catholic can support abortion, especially late term abortion.

Will Governor Cuomo be reprimanded by anyone from the Catholic Church?

I don’t want him for my president in 2020.

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