New York governor calls for amending state constitution for abortion rights


He has to be removed from office…


As long as people in New York City and Albany put race, gender and ethnicity before principle, it will simply not happen.

I have to say I am quite disappointed in these folks.


I doubt it. Due to America’s anti-Catholic history and the effects of the Americanism Heresy; Catholic bishops are reluctant to publicly excommunicate Catholic politicians who stray so far.

They might have private words with the politician, but they are reluctant to make it public nor instruct priests to withhold communion.

God Bless


I don’t disagree with this completely.
But it does appear that social liberals on the left calling themselves Catholic set the precedent in America with the right reinforcing this selectivity and the starting point of this reinforcement most likely being the reaction to Benedict XVI’s critiques of free market capitalism.
Just to be clear, there are many Catholics on the left who do uphold all teachings on social issues I listed earlier and many Catholics on the right who do agree with Pope Francis.


So you’re telling me there are instances where it’s known that Catholic politicians who support abortion are taking Communion and nothing is happening to prevent it?

How is that not scandal and sacrilege?


I would hope we’ll be hearing publicly from Archbishop Dolan (Archbishop for that diocese) soon.


I think of 4 Catholic politicians off the top of my head and I am sure there are many, many more.


Edited slightly to prove a point.
Both are life issues and both have their share of cafeteria Catholics.


Does the Church teach that we must allow all refugees into the country?


Showing compassion for refugees is not a dogma of the church, pro-life is. The pope is free to speak on any issue, just as we all are, but just because he does so, his words are not the “law of the church”. Hope I have explained it so you might see the difference.


Yes. Exactly. As a non-Catholic you understand the hypocrisy and the double standard that is taking place. What that does is to erode any and all credibility and authority. What further smashes any semblance of “moral high ground” is when one comes to understand how the Church benefits financially (1.6 billion dollars of US federal government contracts).

Pay me 1.6 billion dollars, and I might just support all sorts of causes and I might just be able to find Scripture and Tradition to support whatever stance you want me to support. This is the fruit of the Church – any church – “playing politics”. To be fair, a number of Protestant denominations are doing the exact same thing with US government contracts.

To make matters worse, the AL document on the divorced and remarried receiving the sacraments (i.e., communion and confession), introduces situational ethics and relativity – all spoken in flowery language. If I am at peace with God for continuing adultery, then why not be at peace with God for murder (abortion). If it is now “go, be at peace, and continue to sin” with adultery, then why not “go, be at peace, and continue to sin” with murder (abortion). The same principles of AL would apply to all the commandments.

Finally, the way Trump’s executive order was implemented left much to be desired. But, I am not willing to condemn him for doing the exact same thing President Obama did. We now add another layer/ level of hypocrisy and double standard: Obama does it = not one word of protest. Trump does it (same exact thing) = outrage and protest. Yeah, right.

Yes, there is a massive credibility problem here. I don’t take these folks seriously at all.


The fact that NY mayor De Blasio’s dark idea to dump NYC garbage 300 miles away in the bucolic upstate wine agriculture land of Seneca Falls NY is a perfect example of liberal left wing run amok.
Shifting their ‘junk’ around is what they do best.
Adding abortion to the state constitution is yet another example of the serious disorders in some individuals at the top.
For every spiritual ill there is diagnostic in the DSM-5

Encopresis: inappropriate placement of fecal matter
Denialism: refusing to accept an empirically verifiable reality.

Yes the Governor is Catholic. De Blasio is not a practicing Catholic.

At what point is a mental ill a sin? Who knows?


Why is that? What is the benefit for a dissenting Catholic if they plan to continue to dissent, to attend Mass where they are unwelcomed to receive Jesus and if they do, they are said to be receiving unworthily with bad consequences for their soul?


Actually Cardinal Wuerl says the Pope speaks the whole faith, the whole package.

“I think he probably recognizes, as popes have always had to recognize, certainly as we bishops have to recognize, there are those who take part of what we say and there are others that take another part of what we say. But we have to keep saying the whole package. We have to keep delivering the entire package.”

“I think that’s what the pope does. And he takes joy in it when you see him delivering a talk, a homily, you see him in the midst of people, he takes great joy in representing the whole faith, the whole package.”

“But there will always be some discussion among people what part they like best and for some, what part they’re going to accept.”


That’s an excellent question with all their criticism of the Pro-Life Trump!


Yes. I know it has been reported that Tim Kaine does. And I believe Joe Biden did when he was an elected Democratic politician. I imagine others do as well.


How could they instruct priests to withhold communion?

Wouldn’t it place a questionable burden on ministers of the Eucharist?

And for pastors, how can they make a public judgment that another person is “unfit” or “unworthy” to receive Jesus?

How would anyone know if the person had just been to confession or had made a perfect contrition at the time?


No, they are to busy making up reasons to oppose Trump instead of supporting Life!


These are politicians, public servants whose actions are known to the world.

The average layperson is not.



If they openly violate Church teachings and promote evil, then they unwelcome themselves.

One can attend Mass without receiving Communion.

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