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The US Archdiocese of New York used to have a fantastic liturgy website. Now I can’t even find (using a Google advanced search) a Liturgy page on the Archdiocese’s website. Does anyone know what happened to their liturgy website? (Not that it matters that much, if it’s gone it’s gone.)

The Archdiocese of NY no longer has an Offiice of Worship, it was one of the things Cardinal Egan cut. The neighboring Diocese of Brookly also disbanded their Office. I don’t who is going to organise the implementation of the new missal in those dioceses.

Thanks for the information. Why get rid of their liturgy offices? Beyond comprehension. Good point about how they’ll implement the new missal.

Some of that may still be accessible on a web archive site, such as this one:*/

Allow me to suggest Archbishop Chaput’s Archdiocese of Denver, Colorado, version at

In the days before “Liturgy Offices” (often headed by a lay person) came into vogue, were not the same duties performed through the Vicar General’s and/or the bishop’s MCs office? Could it possibly be that’s what is being done (again) now?

i think it was a cost issue. I know someone who was on the liturgy commission and even the commission has been disbanded. I do know that there are parishes that are having difficult in gertting their questions answered.

Oh! No! :eek: How will we ever survive without liturgy clowns…ooops, I mean, experts.
How will they ever, ever implement the minute changes to the missal? What will we do? Whatever will we do without the liturgy ‘gods’ to tell us? Show us the holy grail…?

It’s called, “using common sense.” Sensible, calm, collected, sane, intelligent pastors using their time effectively and pastorally, will say to their flock, “Here is the way, these are the changes, let’s take time to practice and understand these changes. What was the need and what do they mean? Let’s try it out, on the count of 3, 1…2…3…V: The Lord be with you R: And with your SPIRIT. Can we handle it?”

Seriously…get a grip!

Get some manners

Wow! Somebody slip something into your formula this morning?

Useful website, thanks for the link.

Sorry, didn’t mean to offend. NY sarcasm doesn’t always translate well across the ether.

I meant what I said though. It is clear that so-called “liturgy experts” have caused far more harm than good over the last 40 years. Most run-of-the-mill Catholics I encounter are more confused about strange happenings in their parishes, implemented by “liturgists.”

Take a look at a sampling of questions that arise here on this forum.

Catholics need to learn their Faith, what the liturgy is all about, what the Mass is, why we do or say x, y, z and unfortunately, many priests pat them on their heads and say, “Oh, isn’t that sweet…you care about these things…”

Again, if common sense is employed in implementing the new missal and in all other areas, there would be far more unity and clarity. I haven’t seen liturgists making things any easier.

Try reading comments on the National Catholic Reporter website. Certain liturgists and priests are getting people stirred up, upset and confused over these little changes.

So, yes, that is the ‘something’ that was slipped into my formula this morning, as someone suggested.

Apology accepted.

I think your little tantrum went off topic. If you had ever seen the website it was good.

If a diocese needs to save money I personally don’t think the department dealing with the Church’s liturgy should be high on their hit list.

I do agree with you that Catholics should know about their faith. There are some questions posted in the forums which make you think, “oh, please”. But, you also make the point that a lot of people set themselves up as experts and they’re not. You can’t have it both ways.

I don’t think we can make sweeping statements lumping everyone together. Not all liturgists are bad or introduce inappropriate innovations into the liturgy.

There are quite a lot of laws/rules we have in the Church so there are some valid points raised in posts on the forum. I’ve seen questions from priests/religious. So what chance do we in the pews have?


It wasn’t a tantrum and I think most of us who are fed-up with so-called liturgists running the show and those who think liturgists rule the Earth, share those sentiments.

I believe there must be good liturgists out there, however, of the many I have met in the past 19 years, I haven’t met a ‘good one’ yet.

“Let’s play church. Emptying holy water fonts all of Lent is fun. Standing at the ‘Great Amen’ shows unity. People like Michael Buble, so let’s stick pianos in parishes and have the Mass sung like Michael Buble would.” :wink:

I will check out the website, which wasn’t what I was commenting on, it was other posts in the thread.

Anyway, enough. Mea culpa.

I’m also a fan of doing away with diocesian liturgy offices and liturgy commities. These groups have caused havoc in most Catholic parishes over the past 45 years. We need to let individual parishes shap their own liturgies according to the wants and desires of their parishioners (As long as these wants are in line with whats approved).

You won’t be able to check it out. It doesn’t exist any longer. That’s what this thread’s about, the reason why it’s gone!

It wasn’t about any of the weird and wonderful innovations that many of use despise. It was full of practical advice about what was was permitted and not. For example, could you have a Nuptial Mass on Sunday and if the answer was yes did the readings have to be those of the Sunday or from the Ritual Mass. It wasn’t about whether we should have a “Folk Mass” with guitars or whether ‘liturgical’ dancing was permitted.

Do you know what year you are talking about? I looked at the site map from 2005, but couldn’t find any link that seemed to be for an Office of Worship, or Liturgy.

Not sure who your question’s aimed at. I don’t know when the site disappeared so why did you try 2005? The website wasn’t part of the Archdiocese of New York’s website - it was a different website.

Ah, I see - I misunderstood your OP. If the URL of the site can be found, perhaps in a link from some out-of-date web page or blog, then it could be plugged into the archive site.

[quote=Matthew Holford]I don’t know when the site disappeared so why did you try 2005?

I wasn’t sure how long it had been gone for, so I didn’t want to try something as recent as 2009. At the same time the odds weren’t that great that it was around in say 1997. 2005 seemed like as good a place as any to start.

I also notice that the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions site has a Liturgy of the Hours page that says it was created for the Archdiocese of New York. I thought that if I went back into the main liturgy page for the FDLC, that there might be further documents or pages cribbed from NY. However, instead I got a Google cache from the Diocese of Greensburg, which I suppose hosts the FDLC site.

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