New York pizza parlor owner admits to recruiting for isis

The owner of a Rochester, N.Y., pizza parlor pleaded guilty on Thursday to trying to recruit people to join Islamic extremists in the Middle East.

The man, 31-year-old Mufid Elfgeeh, used the Internet to find potential supporters of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), send them propaganda and support their efforts to join the extremist group in Syria, officials alleged.

To spread his message, Elfgeeh used a combination of three Twitter accounts, 23 Facebook accounts and one WhatsApp account, which he used to seek out funding and support radical fighters, according to details in his plea agreement.

From late 2013 to early 2014, Elfgeeh. a naturalized U.S. citizen from Yemen, began communicating with two people who appeared willing to travel to Syria and join the jihadist fight.

Among other steps, Elfgeeh connected the two people with overseas contacts and bought them a laptop computer and a high-definition camera to use on their journey. He also gave one of the travelers $1,000 in cash to buy two handguns, and paid money so that one of the two people could obtain a copy of his birth certificate.

Unbeknownst to Elfgeeh, both people were cooperating with the FBI.

In other cases, Elfgeeh sent $600 to someone in Yemen to help them get into Syria, and communicated with different groups of fighters in Syria to get them to join ISIS.

“Thanks to today’s convictions, one of the first ISIL recruiters ever captured in this country stands convicted of terrorism related charges,” U.S. attorney William Hochul said in a statement, using an alternate acronym for ISIS. “While our case against this defendant will conclude with a very long jail sentence, our ongoing efforts to defeat ISIL and other terrorist groups will continue until all are brought to justice.”

Yet again making Trumps point.

A pizza parlor seems like a strange cover for ISIS. How could they observe Islamic dietary laws? Maybe, for that reason, it is a great cover.

Pretty much makes the profile of a terrorist killer hard to distinguish if not impossible.

There are loads of halal pizza places near me in London and you can buy halal pizzas quite easily in the supermarket here, one brand Mia actually make pretty good but very spicy pizzas.

I had a favorite pizza place in Dar Es Salaam, which is a majority Muslim area of Tanzania.

No pepperoni offered, but we could have beef or chicken.

Very good stuff.

(Unfortunately, I heard from some Tanzanian friends that it has closed down and replaced by a KFC :frowning: )

huh? It’s not like pizza is inherently haram, halal pizza is easy.

Our local halal pizza shops use Turkish halal sausage and pepperoni or ham which is essentially turkey or chicken that is shaped into sausage or salami shapes, some of it is pretty convincing. Someone gave me some turkey ham earlier today and I thought hey this ham is quite nice and then went to fridge and realized it was turkey ham.

Tanzania didn’t have anything that fancy :wink:

Oh we have an overload of Turkish and other halal pizza shops. They come and go, there are two that are really great and one Turkish restaurant that is fabulous as well where the owners seem to work on the principle of going for the world record of how much food they can get on a plate when filling an order. My favourite restaurant was the one I hired for my wedding which sadly got knocked down as the rail network bought up the land via compulsory purchase.

i am glad to see any ISIL enablers off the streets though whatever businesses they are running anywhere.

I learned something today. Can halal pizzas contain both meat and dairy, or is that also forbidden like under kosher regulations? I briefly worked for a Jewish man who ordered pizza for company meetings. He was not very observant. He also did not pay employees or suppliers, which is why my tenure was so brief.:frowning:

Mixing meat and dairy is not an issue. Kosher and halal differ in many ways. My wife is not Jewish but there’s a fair bit of Jewish ancestry in her family tree and she dislikes cooking meat and dairy together as she maintains it is unhealthy, She will let me put them together in my dinner but always warns me I will regret it when I have a tummy ache later. Unfortunately as is the way with wifes she is often right as well.

I buy quite a bit of halal meat and produce here as it happens, although the Turks tend to have the cleanest and tidiest shops among the Muslim communities.They also have rather good bakeries. the British as a nation seem to have forgotten how to make proper bread at a decent price. Most of the decent bakeries in London are foreign that actually sell bread normal humans can afford.

I’ve got an odd image of this pizza parlour bloke from the OP mixing the orders up with the recruiting. Possibly that’s due to my slightly sick sense of humor. It’s not the most unlikely cover ever for terrorism though, there have been plenty of pubs and restuarants that have served as cover for crime or terrorism over the years. There are pubs I could think of where unless you were part of certain groups you would not be welcome and would get frosty looks and would leave after one drink.

I forgot to include the part about beer and pizza. I never drink beer, but most of my friends could not imagine pizza without beer. I don’t think a halal pizza parlor could survive around here.

Concerning the mixing of meat and dairy, I remember that as a child that we collected money to buy powdered milk for starving people in India. None of us knew that northern Europeans are practically the only people who are not lactose intolerant.

A lot of the terrorists seem to have no problem using alcohol and pot, as long as they get to kill people and die in the act. None of that makes sense to me with a strong Catholic background. It would be a one-way ticket to hell.

Never been to Rochester, but many if not most of the pizzerias in NYC are halal spots, and they are delicious!

looks like the thread wandered a bit. I wonder how many others are out there like this guy! I am glad he was caught. Probably many more out there.

Never been to Rochester, but many if not most of the pizzerias in NYC are halal spots, and they are delicious!

sadly, eye-talians aren’t making pies like they used to ; (

Here in Albany we had an Iraqi/Kurdish immigrant who was convicted on terrorism charges several years ago. My opinion he was entrapped by one of their sting operations.

There should be a law that “citizens” that are not naturally born and commit such acts, especially those pertaining to terrorism, should, once convicted, automatically loose their citizenship and after serving a very long prison sentence, they should be deported to their country of birth.
I find it incomprehensible that one can seek refuge in another country then turn around and behave thus!

I agree.

I am not in favor of some of these sting operations. I believe they are guilty of entrapment sometimes.

Wandering happens…but no halal pizza for me. I insist on pork sausage on my pie.

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