New York Post: Rich kid ‘rioters’ are ignorant about the poor working class

From the article: “In the 1960s, Malcolm X characterized white liberals as “the most dangerous thing in the entire Western Hemisphere,” and now we are seeing why.”

They go on about privilege all the time. They know all about privilege. Now only if they’d stop assuaging their guilt by projecting their privilege on everyone else. And if they’d stop harassing hard working police officers, including many minorities, who make less in a year than the tuition at their fancy colleges, stop causing destruction, and stop harming poor people only to run home to their rich parents vacation homes and their fifty five to Sixty thousand dollar a year private colleges.

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This definitely isn’t totally wrong, but it’s not true that the majority of protestors in most places are middle class students. I think it would be unwise to underestimate the anger of actual locals.

Maybe, but they haven’t appeared to be angry enough to vote out the progressive Democrats who are responsible for the situation in many cities.

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Yeah, I guess they should jump on that.

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I think it’s interesting how all the protests in our city stopped once the weather started getting colder and rainy, and the days started getting shorter and darker.

I wonder if they will start up again. I doubt it–Northern Illinois has a way of having gorgeous autumn weather throughout the workweek and turning rainy, sleety, cold, and raw on the weekends and holidays.

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