New York Republican congressman Grimm to be indicted, lawyer says

eh, the Dept of (in)Justice is a blatant Obama attack agency; why have any faith in anything they claim?

The gestapo hard at work again. Just like the vendettas against Dinesh D’Souza! Any Republican as Pro-God & Pro-Life as Grimm is a huge target that must be eliminated:

And the atheist Party (who loudly denied God three times at their Convention) are furious over Grimm for protecting the 9-11 Cross:

If Grimm did nothing wrong, he should have no worries; in fact if he’s vindicated, he’ll look even better then he does now. On the other hand if he was involved in some nefarious illegal activity, then he is probably quaking in his boots. Either way we must assume he is innocent until proven guilty.

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