New York Times Earnings Continue to Rise

Well, so much for Trump’s mantra about the “failing New York Times.”

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The article is a bit vague. It does predict increased revenues, but also says this:

"The Times did see a drop in advertising revenue by nearly 10%, and the the additions to the company’s “core news bundle” were lower than in previous quarters.

Thompson said the Times benefited from “exceptional news events” that took place this time last year, particularly Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey. "

So it’s hard to really say how it’s doing just based on this article.

I searched for your post that said “Well, so much for Obama’s mantras of “ If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period.”; " If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period.”; " we’ll lower premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year." ; " their[people with insurance already] only impact is that their insurance is stronger, better and more secure than it was before. Full stop." But i could not find them. Strange. :man_shrugging:

  1. OMG!!! Please accept my most abject apologies for not joining CAF in time for the healthcare debate, just to please you!!! How will I ever live down the shame?! :sob:


my point is that your ilk will criticize the current president on everything you can even remotely say was not true while never looking at statements made by people on your side of the asile.

“Your ilk?”. :roll_eyes:

Come on, tone it down a bit.

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Angel only joined in 2017.

I must be miss remembering that the health insurance debate and Obamacare (and what was promised but not delivered) were discussed on these fourms last year, in 2017, when the Republicans were trying to repeal it… nope i dont think so, it absolutely was. anyway, if you want to see the point i was trying to make i suggest you read post 5.

Who cares about Obumercare et cetera, this is proof positive that racism and bigotry and hate make money in liberal enclaves,

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I strongly urge you to read your articles before posting them

But despite beating expectations, the market did not respond favorably to the report; shares of the New York Times Company [dropped more than 5%] in premarket trading on Wednesday.

Whether Trump is right or wrong, it will be displayed in the share price, not digital subscriber numbers only.

Always good advice to think matters through before posting

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Wow, it’s just a regular Algonquin Round Table around here isn’t it?

How original. You, sir, are an Oscar Wilde-level wit.

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