New York Times: For Catholics, Dismay and Delight Over Pope's Clash With Trump


For Catholics, Dismay and Delight Over Pope’s Clash With Trump

The New York Times asked readers to share their reactions after Pope Francis suggested on Thursday that Donald J. Trump is “not Christian.”

“A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian,” Francis said in response to a question about the Republican presidential candidate, whose is in a virtual tie with Senator Ted Cruz in a national poll. Mr. Trump called the pope’s remarks “disgraceful.”

The clash gave rise to some strong opinions among American voters, and we asked readers: “Has the exchange between the pope and Mr. Trump changed your views of either man?”

By Friday morning, readers had submitted more than 4,300 responses. Using only the submissions from those who identified as weekly church-going Catholics, we compiled some representative samples and organized them by political affiliation.

A few replies were edited for brevity.

“I’m even more disappointed with Our Pontiff. He embraces ‘liberation theology’, which is Marxism masquerading as Christianity. It would be Christian of the Holy Father to sell the Treasures of the Vatican and give the money to the poor.”

“What bothers me about Pope Francis is the mixed messages he often gives during his interviews and off-the-cuff remarks.

“Yes, he’s said some very good things in recent times, but other statements he’s made have been perplexing at best. We already have enough confusion in the Church and in the culture; we don’t need more.

“Also, I can’t help but think the pope’s ‘Who am I to judge?’ remark – which was imprudent to begin with – applies only to certain people, and that apparently doesn’t include Donald Trump.”

“It infuriates me with the pope. He has no place in our politics and has not seen fit to say such things about Fidel Castro, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and a host of Marxist leaders around the world.

“Not only that, but all of the Republicans support a wall and a way to control our borders just as the Vatican does.

“It is hypocrisy, political tinkering at its worse. All the while he has attacked capitalism, which is the reason why we have immigrants risking life and limb to come here. He should stick to religious teaching and leave the politics to the rest of us.”

“Yes and no. My opinion of New York City’s leading citizen remains unchanged. I have often found myself both adoring and being deeply disappointed in the pontiff, but he has now added profoundly annoying to my feelings about him. Anyone who forces me to defend Donald Trump just makes me angry.”


“Also, I can’t help but think the pope’s ‘Who am I to judge?’ remark – which was imprudent to begin with – applies only to certain people, and that apparently doesn’t include Donald Trump.”

The pope said

If they accept the Lord and have goodwill, who am I to judge them?

One of the main reasons I will not vote for Donald Trump is that I don’t think he has goodwill. He doesn’t strike me as a caring person, and I don’t think he’d represent my values.


There is so much negative coverage on Trump, so much mockery, so many half truths that label the guy as the most dangerous politician you can ever know. Here are some links that talk about the goodness of the man. I just want to show a little bit of the other side of the coin for those who might be interested:

Trump shows kindness to a little girl with bone disease whom he saw on TV:

  1. Trump saved a Georgia widow’s farm from foreclosure.…/27/id/707239/

Trump used his airplane to carry 3-year-old jewish boy with critical illness from california to New York.

Trump Saved NY Veterans Day Parade Marking 50th Anniversary of End of WWII…ns-day-parade/


What do any of us know about whether Trump cares about others? And what reason would anybody have to think any of his opponents, including Hillary Clinton, do?

I think it’s unfortunate that the NYT presented this. First of all, the Pope did not condemn Trump or say he’s not Christian. Secondly, Trump didn’t propose “bridges”, but he did propose a “great big door” to immigrants, which is the same thing.

And by promoting the lies that the Pope did condemn Trump or that Trump did not propose “bridges” and the further lie that the two were at odds, liberal publications like the NYT turn us against each other and (for some) against the Pope.

We Catholics are such fools to allow ourselves to be manipulated in this manner by those who bear the Church no good will at all.


Right. But, it’s been effective. The spin machines on both sides are running the Church. I am seeing it.


Personally, what frustrates me the most is the hyper-sensationalization of everything in the news.

“…Pope’s Clash with Trump.” Really? A clash? The Pope *clashed *with Donald Trump? It was a clash? A CLASH?

Am I being too sensitive? Probably. Do I need a nap? Also, probably.


Ya A clash was Rubio and Trump. The Pope made a general statement. If the shoe fits… It seems to have hit a nerve with Trump.


What? They don’t think any of us are indifferent to it? I am. The whole thing was just silly on both sides of it.


I suggest you open your heart and do some further research. Maybe he could give more, but he’s not the grinch either.


These 5 Acts of Kindness Reveal There’s More to Donald …


That was generous of him, thanks for posting.


thanks for posting these! :thumbsup:


You are welcome!


Crazy like a fox

Trump has been in the news for saying he loves what Planned Parenthood does, except for abortion. He’s also said he would defund them because of abortion, and quoted PP that it only accounts for 3% of their services.

Last week Cecile Richards - Planned Parenthood’s CEO and president - admitted “The abortion part of Planned Parenthood is an important part of what we do.”

Is he crazy like a fox? He deflates the ‘war on women’ meme and gets PP to acknowledge abortions are essential to their business.


The Pope isn’t allowed to have a personal opinion? I’d rather listen to his “off the cuff remarks” every day of the week than “debates” that sound like schoolyard fights. And for the record, I agree with the Pope.


You are not being too sensitive. The paper was being sensationalist for the purpose of sales. We should all follow the advice of H.D. Thoreau and not read the Times.


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