New York Times highlights Catholic who appreciates liturgy, rejects Catholic teaching [CWN]

The New York Times has published a nearly 1,500-word opinion piece by Michele Madigan Somerville, a poet whose “verse has appeared in Mudfish, Puerto del Sol, Hanging Loose and other publications.” Drawn by the beauty of the sacred liturgy, Ms. Somerville glories in her rejection of Catholic teaching: I love the radical Catholic Church. I love that there are Roman Catholic bishops sticking their necks out to ordain women … I devote much time and talent to working in the Gay Ministry at my church …

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Gay ministry, radical church, women priests…

It’s all of a piece, I suppose.

This is way too easy. The Episcopal Church Welcomes You!!! We have all of these things and more. And when it comes to liturgy and music, our Catholic sensibilities are just divine. We also have a knack for dressing up.

Looks like she may have found the home for which she was searching. Can we just give her to you, or do you have to offer us a future draft choice to be named later? :slight_smile:

I don’t think we lose anything dropping her off at the Epis.

we are called to minister to and love Gays. the Church Militant is radical in its rejection of worldly values, including the idolatrous materialism of Capitalism (see Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum, GK Chesterton, Hillaire Belloc). Let’s not turn the CA Forum into some Fox News perversion of Catholicism, any more than we turn into a CNBC perversion.

I take it you did not bother to read her blog or the news article.

Her meaning of “radical” does not mirror Chesterton’s.
She takes positions that are antithetical to Church doctrines.
She considers Pope Benedict’s reign to be “brutal” and “a source of shame.”

She is all of a piece, a self-described “feminist-progressive” who is in the Catholic Church for the declared purpose of changing the Church to “embrace her realities” rather than changing herself to embrace eternal realities.

How does that plain, and rather obvious, observation become a “Fox News perversion of Catholicism”? :shrug:

Is it loving someone not to tell them that what they are doing is self-destructive and destructive of society? I think of gays pretty much as I think of alcoholics. But their organizations are the opposite of AA.

Move along, no media bias here…nothing to see here…:rolleyes:

What? Where? What Catholic church is she writing about? What bishops? Where is this Catholic church?

Sure, we’re called to that, but not to tell them what they want to hear; ie - that living in mortal sin is OK, and do what makes you feel good. And that is of course what many (most?) want.

I found this quote kind of scary:

I recently attended an interfaith Gay Pride Celebration in held in a Roman Catholic Church. One of the speakers was a former Catholic nun who left her order many years ago and is currently an Interfaith minister. She spoke of her work as a person of the cloth, her life as a lesbian, her 25 years with her beloved. The honorific “Reverend” precedes her name. She wears a Roman collar. That night, her address was filled with surprises, but only one aspect of her speech shocked me: her fervent recommendation that progressive Catholics remain in the Church — so as to be in a position to create change. She still worships in a Roman Catholic Church.

Wolves in sheeps clothing!

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