New York's fashion faithful flock to Catholic priest

When Father Andrew O’Connor helped a friend’s daughter prepare for marriage earlier this year, he never imagined it would lead to a photo shoot with Vogue.

“The Catholic Church requires marriage preparation. She and her fiancé lived in New York but were getting married in Switzerland, and the mother of the bride said her daughter needed help,” he says.

It was a fateful meeting. He runs a clothes company called Goods of Conscience. And the bride-to-be, Devon Schuster, just happened to be a marketing editor of the world’s most-famous style magazine.

“The fashion line came up in conversation. She was intrigued and came to the basement. The next day they had the meeting at Vogue.”

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It’s an interesting story, I must say. Sad to see how they chose to photograph the clothing, though. :frowning:

Why? Vogue is a magazine about clothing and haute couture.

Brenda V.

Did you see the photo in the article? Note how the clothing the priest sells is supposed to be modest and how the model is wearing it.

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