New York's progressive politicians prepare the battleground for assisted suicide

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Please Democrats stop supporting death:
Death of prenatal babies with abortion and infanticide
Death of families, people, and new children by same sex marriage
Death of sex and families by gender ideology
Death of elderly and sick by assisted suicide
Death of religion by Catholic and Protestant intolerance
Death of the new generation and families by contraception
Death of society by socialism
Death of the traditional family and family peace by radical feminism
Death of the economy by excessive spending

If the Democratic Party stays how it is, I can’t see any reason how they could get the Catholic vote.


  • Pro-God’s timing wins with Republicans.
  • Pro-Opportunity, we could get into long debates about effectiveness of public vs private education. The effectiveness of trickle down economics. We could ask about welfare and many more things. Some would lean Democrat. ? If you are born to a single parent, black, went to a school district that had very few AP Classes, and so on, the odds are not in your favor, some say that’s OK because some people managed to escape.
  • Pro-Child would mean whoever happens to do the most work for the school system. ? Who would be more likely to offer aid to low income families for preschool, as preschool is the new Kindergarten.
  • Pro-Second Chances, Republicans have a bad rap for being more rough on the law. Maybe Democrat? Either way, regardless of who gains power, that is on your electronic record forever. You are never shaking that off.
  • Pro-Charity, charity through welfare would be key with Democrats. Republicans may be giving more to charity. ?
  • Pro-Freedom. This could mean so many different things. Freedom from Government, thus Republican. Freedom from corporations, maybe Democrat.
  • Pro-Woman Definitely Republican. Welfare for pregnant Females, a some bit Democrat.
  • Pro-Life Definitely Republican.

We need loyal Catholics who are pro all these things in both parties, otherwise the Policies of the Church rise fall and rise again by which party gains power.

  • If I where to add pro-Immigrant {{and not separating people at the Boarder, definitely Democrat.}}
    apologies, I understand this is not accurate. I correct that here. The party rhetoric is dangerous. What I should have said is whoever gets blamed for separating people at the Boarder. This is a great opportunity to remind myself to review what I say. The longer the post, the less likely one wants to review it. I could have gone in this edit and removed the offending line, but rather out of honesty I admit my mistake instead of trying to bury it down. I understand the seriousness of this forum, and that this can not occur again.

I have no statistics formally cited. Each topic listed above could be a topic. Which is the most critical, I don’t know. I can change opinion based on scholarly correction. Rough summaries are not adequate. I have a lot more to learn about the political sphere.

The Catholics who lean Republican may be focusing on Sex, Vatican Documents, and the controversial topics. Catholics who vote Democrat may be in Mid-West states that lean somewhat Catholic who generously help the poor, who aggressively help the climate of the world which we inhabit and are entrusted to not heat up and hurt the poor in already dry countries, while trying to not be loudly anti-life in a visible way.

It’s not even close. The things I listed are intrinsic evils and do major harm to society, while border walls(although I don’t agree with the wall) is not intrinsically evil. And the way we deal with the environment can have different opinions. Republicans don’t separate people at the border no more then the Dems.


This Is Not Progress.

Hi. Would you like to die now?

LORD Have Mercy

Agreed. People will ignore grave actions that hold much weight, and visibly see what they want in a political party. Confirmation bias. People use political parties as abstract art. I see what I want in it.

Also what I should have said is whoever gets blamed the hardest for separating people at the Boarder is who is voted against as “that party which ____”.

That is why I have zero political party affiliation. Both Parties are corrupt. Sad.


Death seems to have become a popular movement.

The unborn are not safe. Newborns are not safe.

The elderly, sick, disabled, and inconvenient are next.


Assisted Killing is not progress.

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Start calling them for what they are: Regressives.


That is why the liberals came up with the ‘seamless garment’ political ideology…otherwise known as ‘how one ‘forms’ their conscience to vote for pro abortion politicians’.


How does same-sex marriage lead to the death of anyone?


What is a dead economy?

I wouldn’t want it to be abused, but I’ve also seen people who had terminal illnesses and were in excruciating pain. One of them had pancreatic cancer. If I had been in their shoes, I would have at least wanted the option of assisted suicide. I can’t think of any good reason to let someone suffer needlessly. When my pet was suffering and had no possibility of recovery, I took him to the vet to have him put to sleep. Why should we do this to end the suffering of our pets, but rule it out for ourselves? I would genuinely like to understand this issue from the point of view of those who oppose it.


It’s the same where I live .


Oh, Lord, help us! That we would even entertain such thoughts. I know your motive is good, but don’t go to that very dark place.

I work in a hospital. I’ve seen patients come back from the very brink of death. Everyone had given up on them, but somehow, they came back, and lived again, richly, not invalid.

I’ve seen a middle-aged man, the husband of a work associate, who had been told that his pancreatic cancer was terminal, call for his church elders, who prayed and laid hands on him and anointed him with oil–and he not only lived, but is STILL alive, working, and very active and totally cancer-free. His grateful wife and children have their husband and daddy, and all the rest of us who know him have a genuine miracle in our midst. This happened over 15 years ago, not recently, and that man is still alive and well and cancer-free.

Yet, in a society where assisted-suicide is sanctioned and legal, this man might have been killed by a well-meaning doctor.

Hastening the death of someone who is ill or injured is murder. Always. NO doctor or minister or relative or individual should have the legal right to kill someone else, including themselves, because of painful illness. That power does not belong to human beings. Human beings are too weak-willed or easily-corrupted, and thus, too likely to make a decision based on selfishness, greed, and malice.

Doctors are not saints by any means (good heavens, no!), and should never have the right to decide to “end a patient’s suffering” by killing them. That’s too much power for people who already have more power than most fellow humans.

I absolutely agree with you that no one should suffer needlessly. That’s what pain meds and palliative treatment are for–helping the terminally-ill and injured die with dignity and in peace.

We need to trust God with the beginning and end and all the middle of our lives. And we need to make sure that the pain meds and palliative care are available to ALL humans, not just those with insurance or wealth. That’s what we Christians should be demanding of our elected officials–the right to die pain-free and in a clean, safe, peaceful place where anyone who loves us can be with us in our last hours.

Pets are not human. They are animals. They cannot tell us how badly they are suffering. I personally believe in not being too quick to end a pet’s life (or a farm animal’s life), but as they cannot tell us how awful their suffering is, we can only do our best to ease their pain, and if that means ending it, then so be it. Humans are beings made in God’s own image, not mere animals.


Same-sex marriage is a daily, constant lie, and lying is one of the six things that God hates (Proverbs 6:16-19). Living a constant lie gradually kills the soul and unrepentant lying endangers a person’s hope for heaven.

In a way, same-sex marriage also endangers the rest of us, as we are forced to smile and accept the lie without voicing any objection, or risk losing our jobs, our positions, our clubs and teams, our churches if they are non-Catholic, and of course, those who we thought were our friends. Objecting to same-sex marriage is almost impossible for the regular person.


To me Christ suffered and died. There is something to suffering.

I suppose with myself, I’d rather have a complicated illness that puts me in decline rather than a sudden death. At least with a declining one it would give me pause to repent, make good on it, and pray pray pray.

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In order for the government to legislate this sort of thing they would have to create some completely arbitrary standard for when a life is no longer desirable.

People come back from terminal diagnoses everyday. We have already seen in Europe where people are being euthanatized for depression, autism, quality of life, etc. This is what results from arbitrariness in the law.

This is not compassion. This is eugenics. This is feeding into our worst instincts. This is not the role of government according to our founding principles.


The only reason this wrong option is being discussed is not about pain. I had a friend who died of pancreatic cancer. He lived months longer than what his doctors thought possible. There are painkillers available. His suffering was brief.

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