New York's progressive politicians prepare the battleground for assisted suicide


The only reason this wrong option is being discussed is not about pain. I had a friend who died of pancreatic cancer. He lived months longer than what his doctors thought possible. There are painkillers available. His suffering was brief.


Ask the one who said it


There are painkillers available, but doctors are sometimes reluctant to give patients the pain relief they need. And some people have silly ideas about the medications used to relieve pain. One person I know was concerned that his mother who was terminally ill and close to death might become addicted to the morphine the doctor was giving her.

I’ve also seen someone die in hospice of COPD. As someone who has been hospitalized following an asthma attack, I know what it’s like not to be able to breathe. If there was no hope of recovery from something like COPD, no amount of pain medication would relieve someone’s suffering. Pain medication can’t make someone breathe. And there are no miraculous recoveries and happy endings from some illnesses.


I guess you and I have different ideas. I’m not a fan of suffering. I’d much rather die peacefully in my sleep than die after a long and painful illness.


I’d rather die be cognizant of what’s going on. Having the Last Rites. Let my last words be about thanking God for life and all that I’ve experienced and ever done. Dying in full communion with the Church.

Dying in the middle of the night may be painless, but it’s not for me.


God have mercy on us and on the whole world,


It won’t stop at euthanasia. It just won’t. The circle of death will broaden.

It’s only a matter of time before they come after the Church. Removing tax exempt status is a done deal in my opinion. No problem, we can do without it. We started out broke we can be broke again.
After that it will be forced use of Church buildings on human rights grounds.
Restrictions on moral objections and public speech against various things like gay marriage.
And then imprisonment for “dissenters”.
I give it 20 years and the Church will officially be persecuted in the name of absolute tolerance.
That’s the whole point of all of this, to draw people away from Christ and persecute Him. It has nothing to do with “right to die” or “right to choose”, the end point of this is the persecution of the Church and the loss of souls.
And I think all of us, especially bishops, need to realize that accommodation will not stop evil from it’s task.

Look at the old USSR, Nazi Germany, Comm China. That’s where we are headed. Think: we have already killed over 50 million human beings in this country alone. God can’t be happy about that.
Task: to keep Christian hope alive as the world spins out of control.


According to a Pew research analysis, in 2012, 50% of Catholics voted for Obama and 48% voted for Romney. In 2016, 45% of Catholics voted for Clinton and 52% voted for Trump. That’s definitely a decline for the Democrats, but that probably has more to do with Clinton not being a very popular candidate.


Anti-Catholic, anti-Christian propaganda has permeated the media and academia and the entertainment industry for a very long time. It has had and is continuing to have an effect.


The Catholic Church actually “came up with the seamless garment” theory.


Thank you for posting that. The more people realize they are being poisoned by the anti-Christian media, the better the chance that they will wake up and reject it.


I am a lifelong democrat but I think you are right. Breaks my heart.


You shouldn’t pretend to not know what he means.


I wasn’t pretending. Saying that same-sex marriage leads to anyone’s death makes no sense to me. I know a number of same-sex married couples and as far as I know, their marriages have not caused anyone to die.


It’s obvious that he is talking about a concept and not a person.


While I’m sympathetic to several of your points. I fail to see how homosexuals entering legally recognised partnerships prevents you from getting married, and having children.

I live in Denmark, a country in Scandinavia, a Social Democracy, and pretty much the kind of country Bernie Sanders and Cortez looks to for inspiration. While it has socialistic elements, including welfare and comprehensive union bargainings, it is not Socialism.

We do have one remaining socialistic political party called Enheds Listen (Unity List), but they barely have any mandates in the parlament.


What does this mean? How can you be pro God’s timing?



Homosexuality does not Cause death. On a conceptual level being gay is not something that causes death and is not sinful. You’re talking about acting upon the inclinations of homosexuality, that is sinful and could be something that would cause spiritual death for someone’s soul, due to the nature of that sin.


You agreed with the statement Steve, and said it would get worse. This is debate, not volleyball. You don’t get to simply pass the ball around. You have to take responsibility for your endorsement of others’ positions.

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