Hi Im Nese new on here , I been thinking about becomming Catholic but need answers to .some questions I have . Hopefully I get answers

Hi! Pretty nice community from what I’ve seen. I hope you get good answers too!

Hello and welcome to the forum! May God’s grace and peace be with you! :hug1:

Welcome! Feel free to ask your questions and I’m sure they will be answered if possible :slight_smile:

Welcome Nese!


Hello and welcome.
I began my search into the catholic church this last march.
CAF has been a wonderful source of information!
The computer is a great tool in study. Sometimes I google my questions, for example " was peter the first pope and catholic answer"
I have learned a great deal this way.
You might also check with a local parrish on catholic inquiry and RCIA classes.
Good luck with your study,
RCIA 2012-2013

Opps sort of p.s.
If you get the chance I highly recomend the book/s catholosism for dummies and Rome sweet Rome

Both of those are great suggestions, :thumbsup: but the one is actually called Rome Sweet Home by Scott Hahn. Also, Dr. Hahn’s Reasons to Believe is good, and his The Lamb’s Supper is a beautiful exposition of the mass.


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