Newly married sexlife

I am sure its with most of the newlywed couples : can’t keep hands of each other.

I am newly married and i am having sex mostly every night between 1 AM and 3 AM .(I don’t remember the last time I wore clothes in presence of my husband in bedroom).

Now I understand that too much of anything is not good for health,but since my husband and I have saved ourselves for marriage, we don’t mind mating like bunnies.

Do you think its ok to behave in this manner ?

As long as it is unitive and procreative, go for it! :thumbsup:

As long as you make it to work on time.

Is this a serious question, or did you just want to make us old married folk, with a few kids and aren’t having sex every night, feel bad?

I wouldn’t worry too much, it will calm down soon enough. My mother often reminded me during my first year of marriage that if you placed a grain of rice in a dish for every time you had sex in the first year, you would be unable to empty it during the rest of your married life. The same thing held for fights.


The “unitive + procreative = go for it” posters are correct.

With regards to the frequency, don’t worry about it; the novelty will wear off. I heard it said once that you should put a penny into a jar every time you have sex for the first year of your marriage. Then after the first year, take a penny out of the jar every time you have sex. You’ll never take the last penny out of the jar.

That, of course, illustrates a generalization, and all generalizations are false, including this one. There may be marriages where the partners are still chasing each other around the bed after 50 years, but in general the advent of children and “adult” (in the true meaning of the word) responsibilities causes a marked falloff in the frequency of connubial hanky-panky.


Beware of “honeymoon cystitis,” but have fun!

In this case I think you are over thinking it. You’re married I’d say as someone else did go for it. Just not too loud maybe as to upset the neighbors…lol :D:o:eek:

Unnecessary to include?

You might get pregnant :slight_smile: which is very appropriate in marriage. As long as you aim towards love not lust (“Love and Responsibility” Saint John Paul II) and it is very appropriate!

Yes, I felt the same way when I read the OP. And sadly, it’s not just old married folk who have this problem but it’s also a problem with many newlyweds, including myself. :frowning: We recently had our first year wedding anniversary and…let’s just say that it is rare for us to have sex as my husband is just not wired that way. He’s absolutely wonderful in every way but sex does not interest him very much. That’s just a fact I’ve had to struggle through.

So to the OP: count your blessings!! It sounds like you have a wonderful marriage and I am happy for you. Don’t be worried about getting too much joy from the marital embrace. Remember that not all of us have that blessing.


Don’t give it a second thought.

Congratulations and enjoy!

I am sorry as my intention was not to hurt any of the couples whose sexlife is not so active as ours.

TMI. But God Bless. I hope you have a long and happy life together.

:eek: I certainly hope that what everyone is saying about sexual frequency after the first year of marriage is completely wrong.

I am sorry as my intention was not to hurt any of the couples whose sexlife is not so active as ours.

Me too. I’m quaking in my boots. I figure that my wife and I only had sex about 3 times a month in our 1st year together. That would mean only 36 times for the rest of our lives, or about once a year. LOL, ouchers.

I ran this by my husband and his response was: “I am not going to spend the next 60 years of our marriage reminiscing about that one year that we had sex. Nope. Not happening.”

This is probably a bigger concern (typically) for a husband than for a wife. I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you. :slight_smile:

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