Newly Released Emails Show Brett Kavanaugh May Have Perjured Himself at Least Four Times


Should it be an issue that Kavanaugh committed perjury in his previous confirmation hearings?


Blah blah blah. More liberal fake news. All of this is BS Andy you take it hook line and sinker. From the daily beast even. Try again later.


As a Catholic regardless of your political leanings,why do you have any issues with Kavenaugh?


Should be looked into, but it won’t be. Nobody in this administration cares about perjury.


Wouldn’t CNN, MSN, CBS, AP, REUTERS, WASH PO, LA TIMES, or some others news outlet picked this this up by now?


Thanks for the link.
The cover-up, contrasted with full-disclosure in other cases, is a dangerous approach. If confirmed, these perjuries, upon later review, may be considered sufficient for impeachment and removal…


I think Mother Jones first ran with this story. I’m sure there is nothing to it. None of the major media is broadcasting it.


It probably needs more corrobfrom the MSM. I haven’t even seen it anywhere else other than Mj cover it. don’t you think Democrats in the Senate would be doing interviews with the MSM if this had legs or truth?

Your desire to think the worst from everything on the right and this white house is consistent, but off in this case, IMO.


I don’t think this was addressed to me, but I’ll give you my answer anyway.

Because Judge Kavanaugh may, possibly, rule some day on one issue which is important to me in a way with which I might (or might not – after all, any rulings on Roe v. Wade are unlikely to involve complete overturning of that precedent, but rather tweaks and corrections) agree hardly means that I will not concern myself with anything else he has ever done or will ever do.

Do you not see that?


Even the Atlantic says things haven’t changed.


I’ll add to this that many here at CAF seem to believe that the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court will somehow magically overturn Roe and end legal abortion in this country.

It won’t. First of all, the Supreme Court cannot simply rule on issues that they believe are important. They may only issue appellate rulings on cases that have been brought before the Court, and which they have agreed to hear. These cases, even if decided the way we at CAF would like them to be decided, are unlikely to involve blanket overturning of a Supreme Court precedent.

Second, Supreme Court justices are not as predictable as some here seem to think. Let’s not forget that Republican appointees to the Supreme Court gave us Roe in the first place. And that the oft-reviled (here at CAF) Sonia Sotomayor ruled (when she was a Circuit Court judge) to uphold the Mexico City policy.


It would be helpful if you are mentioning people in particular, instead of addressing yourself, you list specific names. Thank you.

They should be able to defend themselves if you are thinking these folks think there will be a magical court decision. That may well be a superficial analysis of solidly pro-life people who have been that way for decades. I’m sure most here at CAF know what we are up against. Nothing is easy in the pro-life struggle and I think pro-lifers know that.


He is a strict Constituonalist,works for me


I would think so. I am sorry to hear that Mr. Kavanaugh has committed perjury four times. A judge should always tell the truth, especially when he is acting in an official capacity.


I am not doubting you but could you submit a link where there was a trial that found Judge Kavanaugh committed perjury?


Is this the standard for establishing the factual truth of something now? A guilty verdict at trial?

Good to know - now we can end the endless wrangling here at CAF about Hillary Clinton’s emails.


I see the headline as “May” in the OP. Now, we are talking about it being “Is”? I don’t think so. One should not bear false witness either.


I haven’t.


It is not a matter of doubting me, but of doubting what is supposedly reported in the American news. I don’t know of any trial where Mr. Kavanaugh was found guilty of perjury. This is a question about the reliability of the American news reports. Is what Americans read always so unreliable? How can there be an effective representative democracy if voting decisions are based on false rumors?


This is true. For some reason, people are raising doubts about the honesty of Mr. Kavanaugh.

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