Newly Weds and Soon to be weds!



There is a lot of talk on this site from people in trouble with their marriage or splitting up with g/f b/f so I thought it would be nice to have a thread offering prayers, marriage advice and wedding ideas (alongside piccies etc!) for those who have just married or will be soon!

I have been engaged for some time now (officially for 3mths but we have ‘known’ for about two years!) we have been together for 5 and a bit years (longer than most hollywood marriages - :wink: )! But we are looking forward to being husband and wife!

We are from the UK but hope to marry in the Vatican and we are busy planning this at the moment!

This is my engagement ring

My h2b is not catholic - CofE - but he is learning about the catholic faith which makes me proud of him!

Look forward to hearing your stories!



This is a nice idea for a thread! :thumbsup: And I love your engagement ring!

Well, I’m not officially engaged yet. My bf and I have been dating for less than a year, but we’ve been friends longer, and we know that marriage is in our future (barring any unforeseen tragedies). He asked me my ring size the other day, so engagement isn’t far off! I’m so excited… :smiley:

He’s Filipino, I’m Canadian, and we live in different cities in Korea, although I’m moving to his city to be closer to him this summer. We’ve been discussing having our wedding in one of these three countries, but it’s hard to choose. Of course, my family wants me to get married in Canada. My bf would love to get married at his family’s church in the Philippines. And we have so many friends here in Korea, plus we wouldn’t have to wait as long to get married here because we’re in the country to plan the wedding. I guess we’ll decide after he proposes. I suspect he’ll wait until the summer to propose, but I can’t stop wondering when it’ll be… :rolleyes: must stop thinking about it!

I guess my ideal wedding plan would be to have an engagement party here in Korea, a wedding and honeymoon in the Philippines, and a reception in Canada, but I’d like my family to witness my vows, too. Hmm… maybe it’d be okay to confirm our vows at the reception? And I’d like to use the same wedding photographer my brother used, but that’s in Canada. Sigh.

Once we’ve figured out the location and date, then I’ll have the dress and guest list to worry about! :rolleyes: That’s okay. The end result - marriage to a wonderful man - is more than worth it.


Congrats on the impending engagement!!!

Your wedding sounds like its gunna be complicated! (In a good way!!!):thumbsup:

Mine is not so complicated except that his family dont like me - but we are working at it (I cooked them dinner last week and whilst the wedding wasnt mentioned at all at least she managed to call me by name AND smile at me!!!)

Im hoping for a small (ish) wedding about 60 people flying out to rome for a week or two hiring a couple of villas and haviing the ceremony reception etc out there!

Me and h2b have been through loads in the past 5 years but we are so blessed!



I love my wife. Been married 9 1/2 months :slight_smile:


Great thread!

We’re getting married in 3 months (eek! how did that happen? :p) in the cathedral in our hometown. We are so excited, but it’s so surreal at the same time. Just yesterday we were talking about how strange it is that it’s coming up so soon…people have started asking us more frequently how we feel about it, if we’re excited that it’s SO SOON, etc…and we decided that it’s probably not going to hit us that we’re actually husband and wife for the rest of our lives until the middle of the honeymoon! :heart:

How are everyone’s preparations going? We have been learning NFP with an instructor since December (just finally getting the hang of charting, I think!) and will be going for our diocesan marriage prep on two Saturdays in June. We also just acquired a house to sublet for next semester (we are both undergrads) and got a great deal on it…so that’s exciting!

We will be having a Nuptial mass, and have our readings selected, but not the music. We also need to pick people to read and take up the gifts…

And then there are all of the other details which we’ll be finalizing this summer. Planning a wedding–and a life together–is a lot of work!

Please keep us in your prayers, and you all will be in mine!


Six month anniversary in 14 days, and we still think it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to us! :smiley:


That’s exactly how it happened for us! My wife and I had to assume the roles of wedding coordinator and sacristan since the people at the parish where we were married had never seen a thurible or heard a note of chant their entire lives… we imported basically everyone. The priest, servers, Gregorian schola… Then we were busy teaching basic Scottish group dances at the reception, being whisked about by the photographers… It was a looooooooooooooong and beautiful day.

Sitting down together in silence for the first time as husband and wife later that evening and saying “I love you” was the most wonderful moment of my life. The trivial details of the day faded from our memory, and we were free to concentrate on the beauty of the Mass and the great sacrament that we had just entered into. I think we slept for about 12 hours. :eek:


Interesting thread

I’ve been engaged for 5 months…we haven’t set a date yet b/c we weren’t sure where we would be. I just graduated from my Master’s program…

At first I was excited about having a wedding, but now that I realize all the work that is involved, I don’t see how someone can be that stressed out and still enjoy one of the most important days of their lives. I’d be happy running off somewhere but since I’m Catholic we have to be married by a priest. We’ll prob have something simple, family only and closest friends, and the priest of course. I tried on wedding dresses but never found one that I thought was worth the price since I would only wear it once…what’s the point really? I’d rather save that $600 and put it towards a really nice honeymoon or a house or something more practical. I have family members that are photographers, bakers, and flower arrangers if I do decide to include that sort of stuff.

I think in having such a simple ceremony, the really important things, like the vows, can be the real focus instead of all of the extravagant ceremony.

Congrats to all though and I’m sure each bride/groom will have the wedding that really suits them, and that is what matters.

I do admit…to get married in the Vatican would be beyond words! My visit there was a life changing experience…seeing as I became Catholic not too long after coming back.


It’s possible to do it! Santa Susanna, the American parish in Rome, basically handles every step of the process with the Vatican. :smiley: My wife and I had wanted to do it, but we realized it would be so disappointing to our extended family and friends who couldn’t justify the expense of flying to Rome just to see us get married.


Wow Bunny, your ring is beautiful and unique to me, because I have never seen one quite like it.


Thanks- I love it!!! (My ring)!

We are organising our wedding through Santa Sussanna - its not too bad here because cheap flights to rome cost about £100 return?! All our guests will be paying for there flights and spends but the accomodation will be covered by us.

Wedding planning is more difficult than I thought and patterns, dresses (particularly with Vatican rules - most modern dresses seem to be strapless with cleavage, low backs etc) the reception and that is without even seeing the religious considerations - we have been reading catholic wedding prep books completing engagement manuals - these have been a godsend helping us to review the important stuff - views on children, assessing our pasts, family, roles, money etc!!!

We are both very blessed with good grad jobs (Im an accountant (trainee) and hes a retail manager) so we have been able to set aside a ‘nest egg’ but all in all we are just so blessed to have each other!

Heck I never thought Id be marrying the boy I fell in love with at 16 - but God works in mysterious ways!!!

All my prayers for those just wed and those soon 2 b!


What a good idea for a thread!

After finding so much info, tips and advice available for the actual wedding, I kinda feel that being newlyweds is an inbetween place.

Here is my ring

We are coming up on our 6 month anniversary.

I have practically had it drilled into my head to prepare for being with a spouse…I wish someone had told me the spouse is the least of your worries against everyone and everything else, such as in-laws, work, school, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is great, I love reading all these stories!!

We’re getting married in a little under six months. Wow!!

We met on an online journalling site in 2004 when I was a junior in college, and he was a senior. At the time we were living in our home states; Michigan (me) and Minnesota. I actually had a boyfriend at the time. He found my journal when he joined the site and was checking profiles and saw I was his age, Catholic and interested in the same books he was. So, we became journal friends, which is a really common thing - I certainly never would have thought we’d end up married!

We actually did meet in person once, while I was on a grad school interview in Minnesota. I was still with my bf so it was nothing more than a friendly visit.

Fast forward to 2005; I’d broken up with my boyfriend and was going to go to graduate school in Wisconsin. He had taken a year off after graduation (he had a hard time finding a job or getting into grad school) and had just got accepted into a special program in his field that would give him a year to gain more experience so he would have better chances at getting into grad school - at the same university I was going to!! So, we started hanging out when I moved there, going to Church together, and etc. We became really close friends, and everybody thought we were dating. I was actually really opposed to it, haha. That’s kind of a long story. He even told me he had feelings for him and I told him I didn’t reciprocate. We stayed good friends. Even though ‘on paper’ he was perfect for me, something just wasn’t right…so I didn’t try to force it.

But in fall of 2006 I woke up and realized I was totally in love with him. I’d had a lot of issues I needed to work through, and suddenly they all clicked into place and I was ready to be in a relationship, and it was him I wanted. We started dating in October, and by September 2007 we were officially engaged (he proposed on a camping/biking trip) - we knew from day 1 we were getting married :slight_smile:

My favorite thing about him is that he treated me with so much love even when I was a less than pleasant person to be around, and not as accepting of his love and friendship as I should have been. I used to push him away quite frequently.

Wedding planning is going great: I love to plan and do things ahead of time, and our engagement is just over a year so we were able to take it slow. We’re getting married at the Alumni Chapel of my old university in Michigan and having the reception at the student union there. Our favorite priest in Wisconsin is flying in to do the wedding :slight_smile: We’ve handled all the major things, done all our marriage prep and learned our NFP (I’m on my second full cycle of charting)…we haven’t finalized ceremony details (aside from music) but we have a meeting with our priest next week! I can’t wait - especially as how that is the most important part!

But yeah, there are so many details and little costs. Luckily both Mom and I like to find bargains and fiancee and I are are very simplistic so we don’t want a lot of fancy stuff/decorations. It’s still going to be a pretty hefty chunk of change though, since I have a pretty big family and paying for all their food is the main expense. But I can’t wait to have my family all together!

Here’s my ring. It’s just what I wanted - simple and elegant and practical. It’s a solitaire round 1/4 ct cubic zirconium on a gold band.

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I have practically had it drilled into my head to prepare for being with a spouse…I wish someone had told me the spouse is the least of your worries against everyone and everything else, such as in-laws, work, school, etc.

Hasikelee funny you should mention this because I noticed your baby ticker on another thread and got to wondering about you and your in-laws and how they are reacting to the baby news. I will never forget your “MIL invited 200 people to the wedding thread”:eek: :eek:

So how are things?


Just got married 4 weeks ago. Congrats to all those others who have recently wed or are in the planning phases.


Well fortunately the baby is a big event in both our families. The ILs love big families so they are very happy to hear about the new baby. Let’s just say I am going to make sure the baby shower is done by a friend she doesn’t know haha.

It’s just so funny to have, for example, people at work ask me how everything is going…I’ll say, “Oh, the pregnancy is going very well, it’s everything else that’s gone to pot!” :smiley:


CONGRATS, Hasikelee!

I’m not sure I ever properly congratulated you on the baby. Sooooo exciting! You and your new hubby are in our prayers!

I’m glad your family reacted favorably…as we discern when God is calling us to have kids, I’m starting to wonder how family and friends might react…


That’s one thing I love about our families. After our wedding, my mom would ask me practically everyday if I was pregnant yet. She said even if I find out in the middle of the night I had to call her.

So when the test was positive (I already knew lol) I went over to Target and bought a newborn onesie. On the front it said, “Face it, It’s time to call Grandma!” :smiley:

She stared at that onesie for a long time before getting the joke. I think she was in shock for a good 3-4 minutes.


Great website for tons of advice for newlyweds, engaged couples and those of us enjoying 30ys. or more. It is updated very regularly…



I’m getting just a wee bit jealous here :wink: Babies on the brain!

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