Newlywed Help

Hello everyone:

My husband and I are married just less than a year. We didn’t follow a lot of the Church’s teachings before we were married but made a good effort to be better in the pre cana. The problem now is that every since we moved in together and have been married we really aren’t having relations a lot.

I don’t know what to do, if I make a move he shuts me down. But that has always been the case. But he’s not making the moves much anymore either. Anything can do to fix it because I’m really worried. I love him with all my heart but I don’t understand how something can change so quickly.

He isn’t communicating his issues, obviously. If he hasn’t explained, he may not wish to cause you hurt. Have you tried gently and calmly talking with him about the problem? If you show blame or high emotion, a man seems more likely to become heated about the issue and neither of you get anywhere, except create more hurt for you, more distance with him. If he feels you are unhappy it can make a partner less appealing, so hopefully you can find peace and warmth enough in yourself to approach him calmly and kindly.

I’ll pray for you both that there will be good communication and a loving outcome

ask him if he will pray with you.

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