Newlywed practicing NFP, Question about Abstaining


My husband and I have been married 2 months, and are committed to practicing NFP. Right now we are choosing to avoid pregnancy for a while, so are abstaining during fertile times. Once or twice during that abstaining, when one or both of us feels a strong desire to be physically intimate, we have “made out,” and gotten each other a little revved up to the point where our desire was even stronger, but we stopped short of relations because we knew I was likely to become pregnant. This leaves us both feeling frustrated and disappointed, and we have discussed it and decided to avoid that behavior in order to be more charitable to each other.
However, my question is, is it sinful for us as a married couple to arouse each other when we do not end up having relations?




No. It is not.

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Not sinful but not productive either. Perhaps the both of you can thing up other physical, non-sensual activities to enjoy together and expend the energy and sexual tension.



It’s not sinful. It may be imprudent if it breeds frustration in your marriage.

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It is my understanding that it’s not sinful unless it leads one and/or the other to be tempted to masturbate, contracept, or for your husband to “finish” outside of intercourse.

Each couple needs to evaluate where that line is for them in discerning in what ways they can be affectionate when abstaining.


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