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I was just married and had a question regarding consummation. My wife us currently on here period and was wondering if consumation during this time would be a good idea and valid seeing as the Bible says not to have sex during a woman’s period. Really bothering me thanks so much

It says that in the NT?! Oy. (where?)
Um…just an fyi…I don’t think Christian couples specifically let the woman’s period stop them from having sex–at least, not for biblical reasons.
If any do, first I’ve ever heard of it…


I don’t know if the Church has an official teaching about sex during a woman’s period, but it could get messy really fast.

Whatever you two feel comfortable with. The probibition is from the OT so you don’t have to worry about that.

Congratulations :slight_smile:

The prohibition is in the Old Testament; it is not applicable to Catholics.

As far as consummation goes…It’s up to you. I’ll just say it’s very messy.

Goodness me ! Great Topic over Breakfast !

Yes you can consummate and from experience I can tell you that it is not messy, not so much as people think, or maybe my wife was different, but anyhow, if she is feeling it is OK, there is nothing that about it. As a practical advice, use paper sheets, less laundry that way.


Where the woman is in her period makes a huge difference. Artificial hormones can also affect blood flow.

Good point.

It can get messy, but that’s what Tubs and Showers are for :wink:

It can actually help to relieve the cramps/period pains.

Christ changed things up since the old Testament and we’ve discovered beneficial means of hygiene and cooking methods. So, we can eat pork, shellfish and women are not considered “unclean” anymore.:coffeeread:

This is true. This law of separation, known as niddah, is mentioned in the Torah. For more info, and so you and your wife can make a more informed decision, you both should read the following info on “kosher sex”:

What The RCC say is OK is OK. Until some change to the teaching we do as The Church teach. As Catholics we need/must follow the official teaching or stop calling us self Catholics. The OT does not say a word about masturbation (and how did we got in to that question once more, well, I guess it was inevitable) but The RCC teach it is a sin, and I reckon there are many more examples to be found, so let us stick with what we are teached, OK?

I always thought the Onan story was cited for why lots of different sex acts are morally illicit, but thats OT. So why the attitude that OT laws are irrelevant? :confused:

It is valid and morally good.

  1. May a married couple engage in natural intercourse during the wife’s pregnancy, or during her period?

Yes, natural intercourse is permitted between a husband and wife during those times.

Although the natural marital act does not result in a new conception during pregnancy, the act itself is still inherently directed toward procreation. Natural intercourse is the type of sexual act that is inherently ordered toward the procreative meaning, as well as toward the marital and unitive meanings. And so the marital act remains moral even when conception cannot occur due to pregnancy.

There are two common reasons that Catholics ask if marital relations is moral during the wife’s period. First, some ask because St. Thomas Aquinas wrote that marital relations is not moral during menstruation. However, his opinion was based on a misunderstanding about reproductive biology, in that he thought harm would result to the offspring. Given the medical knowledge that no such harm results to the offspring from marital relations during menstruation, his opinion on this point is in error.

Second, some ask because they mistakenly think that conception cannot occur as a result of sexual relations during menstruation, and they mistakenly think that marital relations is not moral if procreation cannot possibly result. But as long as the sexual act is the type of act inherently directed at procreation, i.e. natural genital-to-genital intercourse, the act retains the procreative meaning intended by God for marital relations. For it is the inherent ordering of an act toward its moral object, not the attainment of the moral object, that causes an act to be either good, or intrinsically evil.


[quote=embear] I always thought the Onan story was cited for why lots of different sex acts are morally illicit, but thats OT. So why the attitude that OT laws are irrelevant?

Because we are not Jewish.

You eat shellfish and wear clothing made of two different kinds of cloth, don’t you? We don’t make women live outside the city when they have their periods, either.

Not everything written in the Old Testament apples to us.

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