Newman House contracted to publish Dominus Est into English

For those who have followed with interest the position of Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Karaganda, Kazakhstan on receiving Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue, there is some good news.

The original article which appeared in L’Osservatore Romano and was covered by CWNews, was based on his book Dominus Est which has not been available in English.

Fr. Peter Stravinkas, Ph.D., S.T.D., told me that Newman House Press has been contracted to publish the book in English.

I have a Gloria TV video up on my post about the topic and the 9 minute video is worth seeing in which the bishop talks about his book, in English. Even if you’ve seen the video elsewhere, read my article and check back for updates. I am in the process of getting more info on this.

Read my blogpost on the project***Dominus Est***. If you have a blog or know of Catholic bloggers out there, please ask them to post on it. I have sent many emails out yesterday, but those could be buried in their inboxes.

Thanks for the info Lux_et_veritas. I am looking forward to purchasing the book.

An entire BOOK on receiving Communion on the tongue, kneeling? :confused:

It might be.

But, I’m thinking that his thoughts on the method of receiving communion might just be a part of it. Maybe the books covers other things as well.




Rather, the topic, which was the subject of an article by Bishop Scheider, in the L’Osservatore Romano, is contained in this book.

It is rather interesting the history His Excellency brings up about Communion in the hand. Some cite early reception being in the hand, with the hand being used as a throne for Our Lord. But, Bishop Scheider explains in the video, it was not received in the hand back then, the same way it is received today. Back then, among other interesting notes he makes, the hands of those receiving had to be purified afterwards (see the blopost link where you can watch the full 9 minute video from Gloria TV).

I see…when I googled it, the links seemed to imply that the book was entirely devoted to the issue.

Thanks for the clarification.

There is an article on Catholic News Agency about the interview on Gloria TV.

Here is an excerpt:

The Vatican Editing House recently released Bishop Schneider’s book “Dominus Est: Meditations of a Bishop from Central Asia on the Sacred Eucharist.” The book contains a foreword by Archbishop Albert Malcolm Ranjith, the Vatican’s Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Sacraments.

In a video interview conducted by, Bishop Schneider said that his book aims to “strengthen the consciousness” of the holiness of Mass among the clergy and laity.

The archbishop said that contemporary celebrations of Mass were “so superficial,” lacking “due concentration” and “visible, external signs of reverence.”

“We are composed of body and soul,” Bishop Schneider said. "We have to worship and to adore Christ in this moment also with our body. There is a mutual influence between the exterior sign and the interior disposition.

“Therefore, here is not a question of some ‘right,’ but here is a question of-- we are dealing with the Lord Himself, and therefore we cannot be silent, especially I as bishop, and say ‘OK, it’s all OK.’ It’s not all OK. When we love our Lord, we have to strengthen this moment in order that it become more sacred in order to educate the exterior sign of adoration, which is also an education of faith."

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