News Account With Video--Story of the Priest Disguised as a Beggar Who Sat Outside His Church and Begged For Food Without Success, And Who Then Went to the Altar As They Tried to Drive Him Away, and Revealed Who He Is



A Catholic priest decided to test how big the hearts of his congregation in Africa by disguising himself in ragged attire so that no one can recognize him.

Many of his members who were trooping into the church for his Weekly adoration programme could not render any help to him. Some even warned him to get away and threatened to beat him when he approached them for help.

This post is meant to test the hearts of those who see this too.


We see this same attitude not just in America, where it might be expected, but right here on CAF, where one would expect the Gospel message to be the guiding light of those coming here…just go to the World News thread to see what I mean.


From what I’ve seen, people here oppose giving money to panhandlers, not food or other assistance. This is to avoid feeding drug and alcohol habits that keep people impoverished.


There ya go…thanks for helping me make my point!


Honestly, to suggest that people who offer to help others in the way they best see fit are anything like the folks in the article who threatened to BEAT a man begging for food is disgusting. Plain and simple.

But, I guess that’s how it is in the world now. If people simply have a different idea on how to solve the same problem than you, then they are just not just wrong, but unChristian and bad people.


I agree…that’s pretty much what I was saying…Matthew 26 puts it quite clearly.


So, a man who when, confronted by a beggar asking for money, offers to instead to go with the beggar to the nearest store to pick out whatever supplies he needs or the nearest restaurant to order a meal and pay for them is a bad Christian compared to the guy who just straights up gives him money?


Or the guy who writes a big check to the local homeless shelter, soup kitchen, Catholic Charities, etc.

This comes up all the time with people calling other people un-Christian for not giving money straight to beggars, and it’s ridiculous. Certain people need to realize It’s a personal decision to help the homeless in the way they best see fit.


Honestly, I think it’s a symptom of a larger problem we have in the West in which many think those who disagree with them on something are not just simply wrong, but bad people, never entertaining that someone can possibly hold another position from a place other than malice. We see this everywhere in politics and it leads to a deterioration of civil discourse.

You’d think we’d be better than that on a Catholic forum, but no.


This is a story that always gets an emotional reaction.

Sadly, these tales go around the internet in various guises.


Thank you. It’s not even a real story. It doesn’t belong on the Spirituality forum and is just intended to provoke an emotional reaction instead of a productive discussion.


I’m pretty sure the OP had good intentions. Another poster just used it to provoke others.


Now you’re catching on!


Yeah… there is no way you are not trolling at this point.


Jesus was a great provacator!


Well, I don’t appreciate false news stories that are just meant to inflame emotions.

I think it would be better in the news forum, or at the very least, social justice.

To me this feels the same as those spam facebook posts that say if you don’t click “like” and share that you don’t really love Jesus and want little babies to die.


@TheLittleLady thanks for the heads up !!


St. Phillip Neri did this too. He shaved off half of his beard so he wouldn’t be recognized and sat outside his church asking for alms for a week while he had told his congregation that he had gone on a trip to one of his Order’s other houses.

The new Archbishop of Lipa, Philippines, Gilbert Garcera, did something similar. Before he was installed as Archbishop, he visited the Cathedral of Lipa dressed as a poor farmer. He asked people questions about the state of the Church in Lipa and asked the ushers of the Cathedral for assistance and information about the Cathedral. His experience, however, was thankfully the opposite of this priest and St. Phillip Neri. Archbishop Garcera was welcomed and helped when he entered the Church. The ushers and churchgoers answered all his questions and offered him food when he said he was hungry.


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