News article: "Banned in Seoul: International Women's Medical Group Tries to Suppress Interview on Abortion's Harm"

When some Western doctors went to an international medical conference in Korea to give academic presentations on their research about the risk factors of abortion, their talks were cancelled without explanation at the last minute. Conference leaders later said the talks would have gone against women’s right of choice. Then after Korean newspeople asked these doctors to give their information during a studio TV interview, the conference head rushed into the studio and stood in front of the camera, saying the doctors were not allowed to speak. The Koreans protested that they have freedom of the press, and managed to complete the interview in another spot.

These incidents were reported in other news sources, including the “Medical Daily,” at

That’s one strategy, to suppress information, and keep people ignorant of the truth. I didn’t used to know how much information like this was deliberately kept from the public. It’s a good thing for the internet. At least sometimes, we can find out through other means.

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