News article: "Court frees priest. Jury verdict unsound."



A jury last year unanimously ruled that the priest sexually abused a boy in 1965 and 1966. That conviction relied solely on the vivid memories of the accuser, and despite improbabilities in his evidence.

The Court of Appeal has just freed him.

The compainaint maintained he confronted the appellant directly at the school in early 1969.

However, according to the court “it was clearly established that the appellant had ceased to teach at the school at the end of 1966.”


Thanks for posting this. May God have mercy on those who falsely accuse our shepherds, for that is a very grave matter.


And thank you mdgs .


Yes thanks for posting. I have professional experience in these type of false accusations. It is a lot more common than many might be aware. I’ll just say when there are incentives people will either make things up or be convinced either by others’ manipulation or convince themselves. That’s all I will say and I’m not going to respond to or debate anyone on the issue. I know how the scam game is played from inside knowledge, and if someone else doesn’t they really have no idea what they are talking about if they dispute what I say.

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