News: "Canadian bishops: Marijuana use is sinful, despite legalization."


“Our bodies are ours to use, but we have to account one day to the Lord as to how we took care of them and what we did with them."

The bishops in their statement (which is provided below), reports that “the Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Psychiatric Association, and the Canadian Paediatric Society have pointed out how the use of cannabis is linked to addictions, depression, anxiety, psychosis, damage to brain development, and lung problems such as asthma and emphysema.”

The bishops’ actual statement is provided on the web at


Will they say alcohol is sinful as well?

At least be logically consistent…


For a true medical purpose, God created plants to benefit us. Its when their abused that its sinful.


Actually, there is nothing in that statement that says Marijuana use is sinful. I don’t know how they made that leap.


This statement is ridiculous. What is going on in the Church today? My confidence in the Bishops continues to erode with each passing year.


I voted in favor of medicinal marijuana in my home state of WA but never felt totally comfortable legalizing it completely.


Thank you. Pot is legal in Seattle and I personally believe it plays a big role in homelessness, along with alcohol and other drugs. Everywhere you see the tents…pretty soon you smell the pot. Amazing. It is like we are in a constant state of Woodstock. Remember the ‘after’ photos? That place was a farm. Not afterwards. Ditto parts of Seattle.


Here in California it was legalized after voters approved it. I voted no, but real medical purpose I’m for it.


Click bait.


Pot has nothing to do with the homeless problem here. That’s meth, plain and simple.

The homeless smoke it, but they’re far from the only people I smell it on. Pot is a different beast from meth - and it’s the meth use and other hard drug use that is contributing to the homeless problem here.


Marijuana often is the first substance that people use before going on to harder substances though.


You can drink a single beer or glass of wine without being intoxicated. You can’t smoke a single joint without being high. They aren’t comparable

Alcohol can be a foodstuff. Marijuana is too potent to be comparable to alcohol. Maybe if we were talking about 60s weed then that’s different but that’s not the weed that’s available today


This is true. I’ve seen this first hand many times in the past.


I guess I should stop smoking cigars… Tell that to some of the Saintly Pope’s who smoked cigarettes…

I don’t see Hemp or marijuana used for pain management or stress as sinful.

CBD isn’t psychoactive and even THC levels can be controlled just like alcohol percentage.

Alcohol and alcoholism has ruined more lives then probably marijuana has or ever will.

I’m not saying it can’t be abused I’m just not buying the Refer Madness propaganda any longer.

I don’t see it’s use any different than drinking herbal tea or taking other suppliments.


There was homelessness before weed was everywhere. I don’t see the correlation. I agree weed is bad for society though



What’s wrong with their statement?

With the exception of cannabis use for medicinal purposes, consuming marijuana violates the virtue of temperance and should be avoided, said Mgr Frank Leo, general secretary of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

“The virtue of temperance, as explained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, ‘disposes us to avoid every kind of excess: the abuse of food, alcohol, tobacco or medicine,’” said Mgr Leo. “In a particular way, the Catechism underscores that the use of any drug, except on strictly therapeutic grounds, is also a ‘grave offence’ – for the use of drugs inflicts very grave damage on human health and life.”

Seems orthodox to me


Which is the same thing said about cigarettes and alcohol, and is a poor blanket statement to make.


Drug and alcohol abuse is the primary cause of homelessness.


That doesn’t mean it’s making them homeless. It just means they get cited for using it.

It’s not creating homelessness. It just means they’re smoking illegally in public. And there are a lot of homeless here, so I’m not surprised.

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