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Ever try putting all the latest news reports together to see what picture it paints? This guy did it and it clearly spells famine. It’s a compilation of current news events, which makes it believable.

Quick! Everybody get back in your Y2K bunker!

:wink: In any age you choose to pick you can string lots of news stories about genuine problems and extrapolate them into looming catastrophe. In reality, this country has enough arable farmland in Iowa alone to make us all grossly obese. Prices for grain ARE way up and thank God for it. Farmers might finally start making a decent living again; it would be a first in my lifetime.

The devalued dollar will go a long way towards slowing the loss of American manufacturing jobs. It makes foreign products costs more (when sold to us in dollars) and it costs foreign makers more to ship it here. We have plenty of raw resources (except oil) to be able to produce what we need at home. Now that the falling dollar and expensive oil make it possible to do it profitably again, the job situation should stabilize.

Do I get to call myself a prophet now too? :smiley:

Anyone watching the news can certainly see that these are perilous times, and it’s only getting worse. Tonight on the news was a story about horses dieing in southern states where there isn’t enough hay to feed them. People can’t GIVE their horses away. I think you’re just not willing to face what’s obviously true. The writing is on the wall. Keep watching. Sorry, you’re not a prophet, dreamweaver maybe, but not a prophet.

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