News Magazines

All media has a bias. Newsweek and Time seem (to me) to lean to the left. What are some publications that lean to the right? I don’t mean ones that have “conservative” in the name…just magazines that lean that way or are moderate. Ones that would call themselves middle of the road and are mainstream.

Any other suggestions? Perhaps a subscription to one magazine that calls itself conservative and one liberal might lead to more balanced knowledge of what’s going on in the world and to better defense of traditional family values.

I gave up on *Time *and (shudder) *Newsweek *long ago. Won’t even bother with them in the dentist’s office. There’s a slim weekly newsmagazine called The Week which I love: it’s concise, as straight reporting as you can imagine, and when they run opinion it’s clearly labelled as such, not disguised as reporting. US News and World Report used to be considered a “conservative” newsweekly, but I don’t believe they publish as such anymore - just special editions and their website.

I enjoy the New American.

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