News: Man thanks Australian saint for miracle Parkinson’s cure


There is no cure for Parkinson’s Disease.

“Peterson, 57, first knelt at the tomb as a pilgrim during World Youth Day in 2008 and offered a prayer he will never forget: that through the intercession of Australia’s first saint, God would heal him of the Parkinson’s disease he had endured for nine long years.”

“It was only 10 minutes later when the father of five was on the train, traveling with his youngest daughter back to their host family that he first noticed that the tremor in his right arm had disappeared.”

"When Peterson returned to the US, several doctors assessed him without knowing what had happened in Sydney and found he no longer had Parkinson’s. When Maura, a nurse, asked her husband’s neurologist whether the original diagnosis nine years earlier had been correct, he showed her the massive file documenting the illness and said, ‘He had Parkinson’s.’”


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so thank you MdgSpencer :slight_smile:


Praise God for this miracle.


St Mary of the Cross McKillop pray for us.
Australia is going to get a second Saint soon, another Mary


Here are some from me :heart::heart::heart:


Ooh didn’t know this - who?


Mary Glowery.

She became a very early female medical doctor here, a nun also, moved to India to Kerala area and worked there for the rest of her time.


Wow. Not heard of her before, but sounds amazing.


She sounds like an amazing woman.


Back off the tangent - I used to work and study in North Sydney and a few times had the privilege of.visiting and praying at St Mary MacKillop’s grave there :slight_smile:


St Mary MacKillop pray for us .



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