News Priorities

Thursday night before I left for work I checked out the cable news networks and it was all Imus all the time. Michelle Malkin who was filling in on The Factor had to call Bill O’Reilly, vacationing in Ireland, to get his comments. On MSNBC they wwere talking about him like he was from another planet – nothing to do with them.

Finally I hit CNN. A suicide bomber has attacked the Iraqi Parliament in the heart of the “green zone”. At least one MP dead, lots of injured, details uncertain.

I check back MSNBC, FoxNews, et al. Nope, none of them are going to interrupt chewing their Imus cud just for the biggest security breach since Viet Cong got into the US Embassy in Saigon during the Tet Offensive.

Back to CNN again. The governor of New Jersey has been in a car crash, apparently serious. Again, the other networks ignore breaking news – hey, guys remember news? Current event – stuff that’s happening now?

The death of an Iraqi member of parliament or the Chinese prime minister’s visit to Tokyo or Afghanistan’s bumper poppy crop may not be as titillating as the Imus drama but they are certainly more important. Of course, I suppose it’s easier and cheaper to put a bunch of folks in a studio to BS about Imus than to report actual news and discuss it intelligently.

Sadly, tonight (Fri. night) they’re still going with the Imus story.

If I were a conspiracy-theory type I’d suspect they THEY (yes, them) are thrilled when such poppycock fills the airwaves and distracts the public.

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