News report: City Council member unapologetic after claiming Bronx City Council, in New York City, controlled by the 'homosexual community'

“What I said is not homophobic, it’s the truth," Diaz told the Daily News.

Diaz has repeatedly earned the ire of his fellow Demicrats by vehemently opposing access to abortion and gay marriage… In 2011, he was the sole Democrat in the state Senate to vote against the legislature’s successful marriage equality bill.

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I wouldn’t say “community” as a whole but a certain segment that has poured billions of dollars into activist groups and campaigns. Politicians across the West pander to these privileged individuals to the point it’s pathetic. Gay pride flags flown in place of civic flags. Do they do that for other groups? Constant interjecting of identity politics in discussions that have nothing to do with such things. Non-Christian activists trying to infiltrate church leadership.

I’m sure the vast majority of gay/SSA individuals want to be left alone and not be treated as perpetual victims who need to be celebrated.

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