News Report: "Doctors Told Dwarf Couple to Have Abortion Because Their Baby Had Dwarfism Too. They Said No."

Then the baby was born normal.

Good on this couple for doing the right thing. Any “doctor” suggesting abortions to any of his or her patients isn’t really a doctor but rather just another modernist advocate of this culture of death we now live in. Sickening.

Praise The Lord. God bless this couple.

The doctor seems to be rude in my opinion.

The baby will be a dwarf, you should have an abortion.

The couple are dwarfs, and it’s simple genetics for the baby would most likely have dwarfism too.

So tired of abortion being used as a scare tactic. :mad:

How disgusting. Couples and doctors alike who murder their children based on what vodoo “genetics tests” tell them are the worst kind of Nazis.

Sanger got her wish.

Presumably even if the child had had dwarfism, the parents would have been completely unfazed as they both have the condition themselves! It’s like saying to someone ‘your child will be just like you and that’s unacceptable’.

A doctor telling a couple that their child just like them and therefore deserves to die. That’s rude.

Sorry but I call BS.

No way a doctor looked at two little people and suggested they abort their baby because it would be a little person too.

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