News Report: "Italy’s Schoolteachers Are Being Taught to Deal With the Devil."


More than 200 teachers in Italian state schools have signed up for exorcism classes as part of a continuing education program to help them be equipped with the necessary tools to battle the devil in its many disguises, from cults to drugs.

The teachers will not be equipped to perform the exorcisms per se. But they will be trained to intercede with the Vatican’s “prayers of liberation” used by lay people when fighting the devil.

The intensive 40-hour course offered by Italy’s education ministry is designed especially for religion teachers. It is sponsored by the Vatican’s Pontifical University of Regina Apostolorum


Man, that’s some professional development I could have really used!


Good to know the Italians are on top of things. :smiley:


Hmmmm. Maybe I could propose this as a possible interest session for our next PD day.

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I’m thinking the middle school teachers should be the first ones to get the training.


I have seen how some children behave. It wouldn’t take much for me to believe that they are in cahoots with the devil.


Is this satire?

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