News Report: "Library debuts 'Drag Queen Storytime"



What do you make of this?


Rampant degeneracy.


Terrible and frankly totally unnecessary for a library to do this


That’s wrong in so many levels…


Same thing happening at the one about an hour from us. MANY people voiced their displeasure but the library board is going ahead with it. SICK, SICK, SICK! Really? Is this needed for small children to be a part of? God have mercy on us and on the whole world.


This is what happens when degeneracy is tolerated in the name of love.


Actually guys, this has been going on for a year or two.
Old news


This, it is true, drag queens put before young children in libraries, has been happening at a number of other places. See
This article explains that this is being done to have children believe LGBTQ is normal.


In the UK it has been going on for centuries. We call it Pantomime. It’s pure, simple fun for all the family. Men dressing up as women is a centuries old tradition in opera and theatre, traditional media to tell stories.

And women dressing up as men:


This isn’t even close to the same thing.

A quick google search and:

If you want your kids around people like that, idk what to say.


Not even on the same planet. But ok.


Oh look, more forcing degeneracy on vulnerable people.


…with a message that the abortion of over 6,000 fetuses a year diagnosed with Down Syndrome in the UK is abhorrent and that people with Down Syndrome can achieve in the theatrical arts, previously closed to them. It made national TV, highlighting the issue.

If one fetus is saved as a result, isn’t this a good thing?


We can and must work on both at the same time.


A good strategist ensures his army is fit for battle before deploying it.


So…you want to save just one fetus by exploiting others?


The vast and overwhelming majority of Catholics have never harmed a child. Saying we’re unfit to speak truth in the world because of a handful of bad agents is farcical


Both behaviors are ugly.
You don’t “get” to something wrong because other people are doing wrong things, too.


Obviously abusing or covering up the abuse of children or adults is much worse than a mentally ill person dressing up in disturbing costumes reading books to children on the surface.

However, if you don’t think these story times and the forcing of drag culture on children isn’t part of making them easier to groom for abuse, I’ve got ocean front property in the Sahara to sell you.


Where is the exploitation? The performers enjoy it and get paid. Their lives are enriched. They could go on to greater things. Their parents support them.

As a result, a mother given a diagnosis that her fetus has Down’s might rethink abortion.

Is it not win/win?

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