News Story: "Professor Threatened Pro-Life Student With Bad Grade Because 'You Are Wrong'"

She feels strongly about the value of life, then her professor told her he would punish her with a bad grade if she did a pro-life project. He told her I don’t care if you call it discrimination, but I’m warning you… “When he didn’t approve of the idea, I was shocked.” But “I will never compromise my beliefs for a grade. This fight is bigger than that.” She went to the department head, who promised to protect her. The photos at the head of this article show that she then actually did her pro-life project for the photography class.

I never thought this sort of carp actually happened. Doesn’t matter if the student is pro life and the professor not, or vice versa - that’s just inherently wrong that s/he should mark based on his/her own view of the issue the student covered, or had discussed elsewhere.

Generally I strongly support academic tenure as it allows academics to be independent from funding bodies/govt/etc. But this frankly should be a sackable offence.

“I went to the department head and told him about this and he apologized and reassured me that there will be extreme repercussions and to do the project on what I believe and he will make sure I don’t get discriminated against.”

Thumbs up to that department head!

Good for her, and serves the professor right.

Still, I can’t help but cringe at the phrase “pro-life feminist”. It’s an oxymoron. :frowning:

This sickens me to think some Professor “doesn’t approve” of the idea when you pay tuition to attend college. You obviously should be able to express your opinion.

Kuddos to the Dept. Head.


No, it’s not.

I can’t find any other reporting of this supposed incident. The student’s college isn’t identified. No response from the professor in question has been included and there’s no indication that he was asked for one. Something smells very off here.

That’s quite a serious allegation she’s making, quoting her professor as threatening her like that.
He could be suspended or lose his job over this…did he, I wonder?

I see that this media site comes via that infamous anti-abortion organization and they are not actual journalists…but still, since they are presenting this like a news story it would have been decent of them to attempt to get quotes from the professor, too, to give his side of the story. Or words from the department head, to validate the details.
Perhaps the prof was assigning something different than what she wanted to do?

This is all very one-sided.
It doesn’t feel kosher.

I wonder what grade she got?

PS–Someone should tell this girl she’s misquoting Mother Teresa.


My apologies… :blush:

I guess you live and learn something new every day! They even support continuing a pregnancy in cases of rape, which is more than most “conservative” politicians would do. :thumbsup:

I don’t find it credible either.

for the poster who questioned that someone can be a “pro life feminist” - its not an oxemoron at all - if you are on facebook check out “feminists for life”…a beautiful organisation!

No it is not.

Feminism means wanting genders to be treated equally in society. That’s it.

Susan B Anthony, who is regarded as many as being a hero of Feminism (she was very influental in getting women the right to vote), said of her sister-in-law’s abortion that “she will rue the day she forces nature”.

Read up on the link below.

At least half if not more aborted babies are female.
How can anyone who supports the murder of helpless girls call themselves feminists

Once again:

Exactly. The wife of SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts is an active member of FFL (or at least she was when the Senate was having their confirmation hearings for him 10 years ago).

Besides, the first feminists were pro-life, and most of the abortion regulations that were overturned by Roe v. Wade and {i]Doe v. Bolton were pushed for by the original feminists (notes: in both cases, the named plantiffs were misled by their attorneys and/or outside groups. The named plaintiff in Roe didn’t really know what an abortion was, and she was told to lie about how she had gotten pregnant to gain sympathy; the named plaintiff in Doe had her divorce case hijacked by her lawyer, who turned it into an abortion case without her consent or even her knowledge).

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